Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yes!! I know everybody needs money well maybe a rich or comfortable person could read this message and tell me other then working the 40 + hours a week I work how can I make some money please let me know. I mean do I really have to be broke forever and a day or can I finally climb my black ass out of a recession that has been going on for the last 28 years of my life ( yes i am just 28 so WHAT). I need some LEGAL I repeat LEGAL guaranteed ways to gather some quick cash. I have an opportunity to add a part time (20 to 30 hours a week) job to my schedule this will ultimately help me increase the funds coming into my home, but I need start up money so that I can buy a few items to do the job. i.e. computer, software, etc. I will be a bookkeeper for a detail shop. This will give me extra experience for my job and it would be great for me. I also want to finish school online and of course need a computer for that. I am trying to help myself, but it is not working the way I need it too!! Somebody please help.

P.S. Just venting I wish somebody could or would help me i really need it. :-)


Carmel Beauty