Friday, June 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces of me

I had a lazy morning today. I was unable to get onto the system to do anything so I just sat around all morning. I wanted to post on my blog or read others, and when I realized I couldn't even do that I got mad. I mean really what fun is it that when you can goof off and not do any work you can't read the Internet, other blogs, or write on your own blog. So I decided to take my lunch at 11am this morning and go pick up my check so that was fun who doesn't love getting paid. Then after I realized how much my bills were compared to my check amount I was left with get this yall a whole $142.26 till pay day which is like 2weeks away. So as you may have guessed I was then very mad again.

In other news, I did get some good news so everyone just pray that everything will work out for me and my fiancee. We have been going through a trying time lately. I won't go into details, and no it's not about our relationship, but we have been going through a lot lately. This news today although we have been praying about it for a while I won't say it was unexpected it was just better than expected at least for the time being. I actually love how our adversity has made us stronger. We communicate better than ever before. I know whatever life hands to us we will be able to handle in our 2yr. 7mth. relationship we have been through more then a little bit let me tell you. I am glad though because it has shaped the people we are today.

My daughter is standing already and she is growing up so fast this makes me happy and scares me at the same time. She is so beautiful with the biggest grey/blue eyes I have ever seen. She has this thing where she will stare at you without blinking. I mean she does this for long periods of time yall, and it scares my aunt. She has her periods of unexplained fussiness, but for the most part she is such a happy baby. I told her father though that he will have a lot on his hands when she is able to date at age 25. :-)

Well yesterday was the girl I was telling yall about last day so today is the beginning of me taking over her position. So while I was unable to do anything I have been just going over some of the parts of her job trying to see what is caught up and what is behind. Guess what? EVERYTHING is behind. It will take 6months just to catch up. I want the job though. I love the work I just wish it was caught up I hate having to dig myselve out of a pit because the new work will continue to come even if the old is not done. Then people have been coming to me all day with stuff they would usually ask her about then they ask are you going to be applying for her position. Why are people so nosy? I mean really is that their business at all. I just say I haven't decided then they give me their unsolicited advise and tell me I should. It's really quite annoying.

So I have been writing forever and a day long post I know. I will go now no helping views today I couldn't think of a topic. I will work more on Mike and Kyra story today though and have more for ya on Monday. Everyone who blogs I stalk I read today's entry if you have one and it would not let me post a comment I may try to do that later if I have time. :-)


Carmel Beauty

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sexually Transmitted Diseases!!!!!! Are you Aware?

When you begin a relationship BEFORE it becomes sexual then you need to discuss your sexual history, what forms of birth control you will be using, and the last time you have taken STD tests get as much information as you can.

Now when discussing your sexual history it is required that you give ALL information, and this knowledge does include whether or not you have been with someone of the same gender. It is not ok to lie to your partner, it's not ok to omit information. To me this is just another form of lying. Yes everyone has a right to choose what gender they prefer to be with, but the person you are with also has a right to know this information.

Currently, we have a new trend of the DL brother. This is wrong on so many levels. This is a man who has a wife and in so cases children, but he also sleeps with men. In some cases this man will not use protection, because he doesn't want to get caught. Now I don't agree with cheating on a person especially a wife/husband, because you have made a commitment to each other, but the DL man has taken that to a whole new level of deception. They are not just cheating it's like they are using there spouse as a cloak for they homosexuality. In doing so they are putting there significant other and any children they may have at risk by not using protection.

In discussing what forms of protection to use it's not just birth you are trying to prevent ladies and gentlemen. That is a factor, but not the most important. Women I know for myself that most men don't like to use condoms, but you can not use this as an excuse not to protect yourself. There are condoms for women as well. Women did you know that a man can't have sex with you without a condom unless you let them. It's true I promise. Let him know upfront that YOU are the most important person to you. You (male or female) need to protect yourself that is the only way we will stop the spread of STD's.

Now for those of you in a committed relationship maybe heading towards marriage who only have ONE sexual partner what you need to do is get re-tested. Yes I wrote re-tested because before you had sex with this person you should have already been tested. So this is just to make sure that nothing had been sitting dormant when you tested before and everything is a ok for you to just use either birth control or if trying to have a baby no birth control.

I am trying to help spread the word and just talking about things that have been weighing on my mind. Also trying to get my birds and bees conversation ready for my daughter yeah I have like 25 years before she will be even allowed to date but hey why not get started early. She is 8months old I gotta start sometime and I like being prepared.

For more information on this topic go to they have answers from doctors 24/7.

My question do you think that you have to advise your current partner if you have had sexual partners of the same gender? Why or Why not?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Schedules !!!!!

I keep trying to make a schedule for myself with blogging, work, my daughter, and fiancee well today I have come to realize that they just don't work so no more. At work before I can finish one assignment they are bringing me another so in between each I am working on whatever that I can. It's the end of our fiscal year so things are very busy here. I barely have time to write this. At home my daughter requires a lot of attention and she is teething right now so that is not fun for either of us. She is just not sleeping well so in turn neither are me and my fiancee. Also about a week ago for the last month she had an ear infection that would NOT go away it is better now but that and teething at he same time is just HELL. Well woman you know how your man requires his attention we are still trying to get into a groove after having the baby so we are not quite there but hopefully we will be soon.

I will have more free time this weekend to work on Mike & Kyra's story so I hope to be able to post another part on Monday.

My question today is how come all the TV mothers made it look so easy to run a household?

Needing structure,

Carmel Beauty

Monday, June 25, 2007

An interuption to your reguarly scheduled program

I know that I promised to do part Part IV to Mike and Kyra story, but blame it on the soon to be husband I just haven't had time but tonight I will work on the story and post it tomorrow.

So since I don't have that I am going to ask another poll question something that I have been thinking about for a while and wanted to get every one's opinion on. Adoption? Now I am all for adoption or foster care what I am against is people adopting from another country who live right here is the good old US of A. I mean we have thousands of children right here who need homes why do you have to go to another country to adopt. I have nothing against the other children either truly I don't. I just feel that in order for our country to improve we need to begin at home. Our country is always trying to help others yes this is a good thing in a way. I say in a way because I can't help you if I can't even help myself. So yes I am all for adoption hope to be able to do that some day in the future, but please seek out the thousands of children that need a home and love right here.

People tell me how you feel concerning adoption do you have other concerns do you agree or disagree with me give me your view?

Wondering do I adopt from USA or a Third World country,

Carmel Beauty

Friday, June 22, 2007


Currently I work for a temp agency. I am an assistant to the office manager. Last Friday she put in her resignation so her last day will be on this coming Thursday. With Tranquil gone I have had A LOT more work to do because since she is leaving she has decided to do less work than normal. Then yesterday her boss came to me and asked if I could take over her position after she leaves till he is able to hire a permanent person for her position. So I will have lots, lots and losts more work to do than normal. I am going to still kept up with my posting though I promise it is my only form of release. I will not be like Tranquil who hasn't posted in forever.

I will post more on Mike and Kyra on Monday.

Gotta Go so much work so little time,

Carmel Beauty

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mike & Kyra Part III

Okay I am going to try again.

Mike & Kyra Part III
I fell a little bit better about my plan. Jackson has a way of making me feel more confident. He has been a my PNC for a while. Our mothers were best friends so we go back like babies and pacifiers. I haven't seen him for a while since being with Mike we have fallen out of touch. I knew he would be the best person to call when all this drama with Mike started. He is the only person I can trust since my mama died.
I still love Mike and I probably always will but I will never be able to trust him like I once could. He is the love of my life. Mike has treated me better than any boyfriend that I have ever had until the violence started. I don't understand where it came from it was out of nowhere. I know that things between us at that time weren't good I mean he had just lost his job, a job that he loved. He was trying to help me, and I know he blames me for the loss shit I do too. When I got pregnant it was just plain old bad timing. I know how much he wanted that baby. I wanted nothing more than to be the one to give him a child, but I still had to worry about the police knocking on my door. It wasn't the time on top of that he didn't just lose his job they was trying to charge him with the removal of the evidence, if they could have found proof that he had removed the evidence from the PD he would have locked up faster than you can say jail. I didn't want to have a baby while in jail with both of it's parents locked up it would have been wrong. With the way things turned out maybe I should have just kept the baby, I just wasn't sure it was going to work out this well.
The last piece of the puzzle though is where is all of his money coming from. He was only a Police Officer they don't make that much money. How is he able to afford that 5 bedroom two car garage home, the big body Benz sitting on dubs, or the nice clothes that he wears. Losing his job hasn't set him back at all. I still need to investigate. I have already set my plan in motion, but in order to make sure everything goes off without a hitch I have to have all the facts. Kyra then pulls into to her parking space at work. I guess I better get out the car and start my 9-5 before I lose my job. Unlike Mike I have to work to make a living.
Mike pulls up to a big warehouse parks and enters the building going straight to the big office in the back. "Hey B, is everything in place?" Mike says as he sits down in the chair in front of the desk. "I don't need any fuck ups. I still love this girl and I don't want her hurt." leaning forward in the chair Mike looks the man behind the desk in the eye. "Everything is all set just like you wanted it. I don't understand though after all this girl is doing planning to 187 your ass and everything you still don't want to kill her. Shit, pussy is pussy buy you some more big money bags why is this pussy so important to you." B says this while pulling a cigar out of a special compartment on the side of his desk and lighting it. "We got history man, and lately I have been doing her wrong I just need to end all this so that we can take some us time and get back to where we used to be. " seeming like he is agitated Mike stands up and goes to look out the window. Looking up in the sky he sees all the good times he and Kyra have had and it makes he that much more determined to make it work with her. "Since everything is in place I got to go, I have another stop to make I want to be there when Kyra gets off work." Mike turns around and walks out the door. "I'll Holla at you when I am I have a definite time as to when the shit is going down B?"
Leaving the warehouse Mike gets into his car and goes to a flower shop near his house. He picks up 3 dozen red roses and a vase big enough to place them in once he gets home. Driving down the road towards the drug store he calls Kyra's favorite restaurant and orders two of orders of her favorite meal. He picks up 2 home pregnancy tests, and a card while in the drug store. Finally his last stop is to pick up the take out order he requested. During his drive home he begins thinking of all the ways he can make there relationship like it used to be.
I know Kyra doesn't trust me anymore we have hurt each other to much, but when can build our relationship back up to where it used to be if we work together. I just have to prove to her that we have a reason to. She hasn't been taking the birth control pills for three months and this month she finally started to show symptoms. I just hope I am right she will know after she takes the test that we have to stay together. She will be made after I tell her I replaced her birth control pills with placebos, but after I tell her how much I love her she will understand I only did this for us. If not then I guess I will have to go through with Plan B I don't want to she is the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, but if push comes to shove I will do what I have to do.
Hoping this is better,
Carmel Beauty
P.S. Comment Please! Also if anyone knows how to add the thing(yes I don't know what to call it so :-) ) that tells you how many people have viewed your site let me know pretty please with sugar on top.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Have you ever done anything that in the light of day after you thought about it you realized it was the most STUPID thing that you could have done. Well last night I did I am not going to go into detail but lets just say the I did something that as a teenager without a child I would have never thought to do, but now as a 26 year old "woman" with a little girl who I would never ever want to repeat the action I did last night I did the unspeakable. No I didn't break any laws well yeah I did but at least I didn't get caught. :-) So today I believe that I need to spend it repenting. My fiancee and I both do. For five minutes of fame we could have lost everything. We both feel pretty stupid this morning and I had to write about it. I know that nobody is without sin or perfect, but at the age that I am I should just know better.

So my poll for today what do you do to atone for your imperfections?

Looking for insight,

Carmel Beauty

Monday, June 18, 2007


Last night my best friend asked me if I feel that my fiancee is my soul mate. We were talking about our current relationships. My question to her was what makes a person your soulmate she stated you just know. It got me to thinking about that theory just like when you ask someone what is love and how do you know if you love a certain person the reply usually is you just know. I feel that there has to be a way to tell. I know there is not certain criteria to look for but there has to be more than just a feeling. I don't think love should be reduced to a quiz or picking the petals off of a flower (he loves me, he loves me not), I just think that there are signs of things that everyone should look for. Especially before making that plunge into forever with someone.

For instance I will just touch on one subject that is the most important to me. RESPECT Arthea Franklin said it best. Without respect how can you make a relationship work. I mean if you man/woman treats you badly as just a boyfriend/girlfriend how do you think it will work if you are married to this person. In a relationship both parties need to take the other person's feeling into consideration. You both need to communicate to each other what you need because the other person is not just going to know how you feel.

Respect is not the only ingredient necessary for a healthy relationship what else do you feel is necessary?

Looking for others thoughts,

Carmel Beauty

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mike & Kyra Part 2

Okay this is part II remember this is my first time writing for an audience usually I keep my stories to myself like TV programs in my head. Miss JJ I added the Explicit to the last post Sorry J. Nalini and Barney thanks for reading and commenting I will be keeping up with your blogs to.

Please comment so I will know how and if you like ……

* Explicit Language *

Mike & Kyra Part II

After Mike finished eating he and Kyra decided to go to bed. Yeah this stupid ass punk think I’m going to keep taking his shit, I want him to sleep on me so I can catch him unaware. “Lay down baby I have some warm oil and I will give you a massage to help you unwind.” Once he laid down on his stomach her face changed to the most hateful expression you have ever seen. Mike unaware of her thoughts slowly drifts off to sleep while she is rubbing all the tenseness out of his muscles.

Realizing Mike is asleep Kyra silently gets up to search the house I have to find out where he has kept those papers before I can put my plan in motion. If I do it now and he has given the evidence to someone else for safe keeping I’m fucked. There has got to be at least a clue as to who he gave the papers to in this house somewhere. I will not be taking another beating from him. At least he doesn’t know all my secrets.

Mike was only pretending to be asleep upstairs getting up from the bed silently he is listening to try to find out what Kyra is doing. I hear that bitch rumbling around in my shit she ain’t going to find anything I don’t want her to find. Yeah she think she got me fooled she must be taking those cheap drugs cause a nigga like me don’t EVER sleep. She don’t think I know about all of her lies I know more then she think I do. I will be the last man standing. She just keep helping me along by being predicable.

The next morning Kyra is getting ready for work. “Mike baby I am leaving for work now I will be back later.” She kisses his cheek then walks out the bedroom, down the stairs and out the door. I am so glad I found those papers as soon as I meet Jackson we can put together the finishing touching of our plan. I didn’t want to have to kill again but …….

Mike is just waking up late afternoon gets dressed and leaves the house. Dialing a number on the phone once it is answered he begins speaking. “Yo, what up B?” Mike states. “Nothing what’s popping?” caller states. “Do you have everything ready?” “Yep.” “Well I am on my way.” Hanging up the phone Mike thinks about all the good times he and Kyra have had over the years. I love this girl to death but I got to teach her not to fuck with me. She thinks I don’t know about that abortion or the birth control pills she has been taking everyday. She knows how much I want to have a baby. She thinks that she can keep secrets from me well she can’t.I can’t lose her she is the best thing that ever happened to me but a man has got to do what he has got to do I just hope she understands …….

Holla Back,

Carmel Beauty

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mike & Kyra Story Part 1

Explicit * Explicit * Explicit

"Bitch" Mike screamed. "What do you be thinking about?" "This house is never clean, no food on the table at dinner time, and I don't get sex when and how I want it?" he continued in his rant to Kyra his longtime girlfriend. "Mike, I'm sorry baby I will try better I promise just don't hit me anymore PLEASE?" Mike leaves in a huff while Kyra sits in the corner crying.

Three hours later Mike finally comes home drunk and horny. "Baby where are you at?"he says. "Kyra" he calls out as he walks into the house noticing that it's clean and he smells what seems to be his favorite meal coming from the kitchen. He goes into the bedroom where he sees Kyra on the bed with a black lace teddy. "I'm sorry baby it's just since I lost my job I have been so down, I didn't mean to take it out on you." "Mike don't talk baby it's ok I understand." "Baby take off all your clothes" Kyra says. While he is removing his boxers she gets down on her knees taking the tip of his penis in her mouth going around and around lightly with her tongue. He tries to take her head and guide all of his 9inches in but she won't let him she is slowly teasing licking and giving him soft kisses making him want more, but not giving it to him. Finally catching him by surprise she deep throats him sucking fast till she feels him about to nut then slowing down again. She plays with him like this for what seems like forever to him but is really only 45mins. Then releasing him she gets into the doggy-style position on the bed. He knows what she wants slowly and softly he moves the crotch of her teddy to the side only to realize it is crocthless. He then sticks in two fingers and finds her leaking like a faucet ready for him. He bends his head sucking on her clit till she is squirming ready for more. In one swift hard motion he enters her from behind. With him buried to the hilt inside of her he doesn't move. Eventually she tries to move and he holds her hips stopping her. She turns around and looks at him silently begging him to move and he does all the way out then hard and swift in again over and over giving her multiple orgasms while she is screaming his name. Finally he ejaculates nut running out faster and harder then the fastest roller coaster ride. Exhausted they fell onto the bed together deciding to take a quick nap.

After waking up they shower together and go to eat the meal Kyra prepared. "Why aren't you having any baby you aren't hungry?" Mike asks. "Not right now I haven't been feeling well lately, I will eat later" she stated. "This is real good when you cook you put your foot into it" he stated. "Thank you baby make sure you eat it all cause I got plans for you when you finish" she said thinking yeah I definitely got plans for your hateful, abusive ass.

Okay if yall like the beginning of my story so far I will write more if not then I can change the plot to something else just let me know.

Revenge is best served COLD,

Carmel Beauty


Good Morning All,

We have readers it feels great to be read I spent all of yesterday advertising on all the sites that I read everyday so thank you for all the comments and for reading our blog. In response to Tranquil's post yesterday about marriage I tend to agree with the comments. People these days do not understand and value the words "till death due us part". Now I understand leaving a marriage where your spouse is verbally or physically abusive. I just think that more and more marriages today are over before they have had a chance to really begin. I would love to hear some comments from the men on this issue as well if we have any male readers.

Okay today's topic is love and support. I first want to send mad love to one of my favorite writers and my inspiration to begin writing. Sylvia Hubbard please take a virtual bow. I have read just about everything of hers that I can get my hands on. She is a GREAT writer and I just fell in love with her style of writing from the first paragraph that I read of Sin's Iniquity. I am an avid reader so from time to I will be discussing books that I am currently reading. Anyway please visit her blog and read the book she is currently writing live for us it is a fantastic read and you may get just a little peeved at her because you will soon find out why her readers have dubbed her Queen of the Cliffhangers. LOL

Anywho I want to talk about a different kind of support. I believe that we need to start supporting the other people in our community from young to old. My grandmother and great-grandmother tell me all the time about how times were different back in the day. When a child acted out it wasn't just there mother and father they had to worry about it was any adult in the community that saw them doing wrong that would snatch that ass back in line. Our children today are not taught to show adults respect or to respect authority. We are losing them everyday to violence. Something needs to be done and the solution is start at home. Not just your home as in the physical address that you live at, but the broader picture. Look at your community, your family, and your church home. In order to make sure that our children have a brighter future we have to help them to be on the right path. Now for those you that don't have children you could always help by mentoring a child. Show them the right direction, because you could make a difference as to whether or not said child will become a CEO of a major corporation or the head of the next gang in your area. It's time that we as a people looked to ourselves to make a change because nobody is going to do it for us.

One more thing cause I know this is a long post. I also feel like we need to take better care of our elders they have been here through a lot and need someone to look after them properly. Now my great-grandmother is living she is 85 years old with 12 children and most of them take turns looking out for her, but the other people in her nursing home are not so lucky.

Thought for today:
When you were younger was there a person the helped to guide you on the right path and are you giving that back and if not do you think you should?
Also think about it when you are that old and can barely take care of yourselves don't you want someone to look after you?

Giving Back and Urging others to do so as well,

Carmel Beauty

Love & Support

I am so excited, because I just loved the feed back that I got from that post. I was intrigued just to hear the different opinions from you guys. Yes, I do agree, that marriage is an issue that you can go on about all day, but what really matters the most, is your heart. If it is there or not, just do what is needed to keep or make you happy!

My prayer for this world is that we as people would find ourselves first, love ourselves first, know who we are first and foremost know how to give, love and be true to oneself and then to others. No matter what goes on in this world, it must start from you, the home and the environment. We can not depend on the government to help us, you see where that has gotten us, but if I know that my family or a friend is in need I will be there to help no matter what little I have to give. This is what we need, humanity!

Ok.... I wanted to send a shout out to Sylvia Hubbard, an amazing, captivating, mind blowing author. She is a fantastic writer, ranging anywhere from mystery to romance and best of all she allows her readers to fulfill those fantasies we all have dreamt about. I love her work, so when you get a chance please visit and read her newest project Sex Weed!

Yes people, imagine that Sex and Weed all together in the same sentence, what a high and this book is a true high!!!! What I like about Sylvia is not only her work as a writer, but the fact that she proves dreams are possible and obtainable. She is a single parent and she is still going after what she believes in! She allows her readers to follow her life, and her stories step by step, she invites you into her life... I am just so motivated by the fact to know that she is trying to get a publisher and she still keeps writing. The queen of suspense, she is, so when you read her books, you will be upset, cause sister will just leave you hanging!

I love to read and write and if you have a blog out there or a book or what ever project you're working on please send a link so that I can support you. All about the support here! Let's keep it real, we all have dreams and all want that support system, so in order for any of us to go forward we need one another!

One more thing, to my single parents out there, trying to make ends meet, taking care of their kids by themselves, working jobs (whether it is 1,2 or even 3), holding down careers, trying to obtain those dreams and yes, deal with the every day crap life throws at you! Keep your head up! Your blessing is on it's way and you have to believe that. This is not the easiest job in the world and I give mad love and support to you!!!!!

Congratulations, cause every day you survive should be a day to celebrate!

Peace & Love

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why we can't hold down a marriage?

Great Post, Caramel!!! The preacher guy, he was wrong for that! But these days you have people waking up one morning and claiming, "I think I want to be a preacher". No calling, no divinity school, just plain thinks it is a great career, with a lot of money from struggling folks. Don't get me wrong, I love church and go almost every Sunday, but I think wrong is wrong! You are there to lead people to help them understand what they are called for and how to see the blessing upon there life. Who are you to tell a member of your congregation what they are doing is wrong! People need to learn how to think before they speak, words can hurt or damage a person! That is my 2 cents on that!

Anywayz, since we polling you guys today and hey please comment, I am looking for a response, don't let me have to start tracking readers to view this blog!!! This is been a serious issue with me and I just want to hear someone out there agree with me! What is going on with our generation that they can not keep marriages together! Take a minute and think, count how many successful, happy, devoted, in love marriages out there that you know of personally? I have tried this time and time again, even asked people and I came up with 5 and hey that is what I can see from looking on the outside. So why are these marriages not working? Why are people, especially African American, jumping into these relationships getting married and within 1 year if that long, are claiming a divorce or separation! They can not live together no more, it is not working, he/she cheated on me, in-laws crazy as hell. I mean think about it, now a days our men generally African Americans and Hispanic, feel the need to reproduce, becoming mainly just a sperm donor, dropping kids off at each door they stop at. So with 2-3 baby mamma's, different homes, different personalities and then you get a wife to deal with this shit, or vice versa cause you know we have women out here flipping the script. Again, what is wrong with our generation why can we not hold down a marriage?

My philosophy is if you don't think you ready, why make someone else miserable. Ladies how about we stop lowering our standards for the first thing that talking BS or holding out to put up with shit cause you think that is the best you can do! It ain't worth it! I always thought oh I want to get married and I had this time frame to fulfill, but I ain't gonna rush into nothing if I don't feel right about it. Follow your intuition! This aint right, if you know or feel something then don't do it, cause I dont mind finding a fuck buddy for the rest of my life!

Hit me back!

Polling the People

Hello All,

Okay today I am going to throw some questions at yall to see what kind of responses that I get if any because I believe we have not been found out in the blogging world yet but here goes. This morning I was listening to the Russ Par Morning Show, and they had an email from a man requesting help. One Sunday the man was in Church his pastor preached on homosexuality and how it was an abomination. Now the preacher then proceeded to out the man in front of the whole church. He of course felt this was wrong and wanted to know if he could out the preacher in the same manner because he heard through the grapevine that he has male "friends" to. So one of my questions today is should he or shouldn't he out the pastor?

My view:

My thought is he should not out the pastor so to speak, but he should make it be known to the whole congregation that he felt that what the pastor did was just wrong and uncalled for. This man may have been touched in his heart if the pastor had preached in a different way so as not to insult him but to give him information. I have found that constructive criticism goes a lot farther then hate. To me that is what is was. There was nothing productive about what the pastor did and I wouldn't even be able to go to a church where this is how my pastor tried to reach his flock. You never know what he will be talking about next or for that matter who he will be talking about. People in glass houses should not throw stones and nobody is without sin. Just my thoughts on the subject.

Okay my next question is concerning relationships. My fiancee and I were talking last night and we ended up on the subject of sex. I gotta give a little background information for this question to make sense. Me and my man were friends before we became lovers. I was celibate for 11 months by choice about 2months before I met my man. At the time that we met I was dating boy (literally he was a boy very small little man if you know what I mean) so my man was aware of boy knew we were dating knew we had sex a couple of times, and all that. So anyway last night we were talking about my celibacy and he then proceeded to ask if he was my first after my 11month drought. I told him the truth a truth which mind you, he already knew. So my man proceeded to get upset that I told him this. My questions are why (since he already knew), should I have not told him? I guess I could have just not answered the question but if I had said yes you were my first he would have called me a liar it was a no end situation damned if I do damned if I don't.

Carmel Beauty

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ok, please bear with my coworker and I, we go online and read other blogs all day, and thought well hey we can do that too! This is gonna be fun, so I hope you are ready for a ride! We are just gonna wild out, but also, we want to be informative, help others along the way and give people some things to think about and talk also just talk plan crap! This is not about us, but this is about you guys that are reading, so when you start commenting we will start acting up! If you see something that you feel dont not relate to you then hell, dont read it! If you like it, keep on reading it, just show some love at the same time.

So here goes! I am a sophisticated, classy woman, with goal on my mind. What ever I want I get it, so that in itself says that I am determined. My life, I try to keep simply, but interesting and there are just some many things that come at me that make me wanna cut a mutha., but I am gonna be cool and realize that things happen for a reason. I will be keeping you guys informed on that too! We are gonna keep it real, honest, hilarious and just be an open book to you guys. So when you get here, forget about all that day to day shit and enter into our world!

My first post

Hello All,

This is my first post so I really don't have much to say. I am going to give you my format for future posts. I will mostly write about everyday life and short stories that I think up. My co-worker who will be leaving on Friday of this week will also be posting entries with me. We are new so bare with us :-). I will try to post monday through friday but I make no guarntee, but the more comments that I recieve the more I will try to post. If I know someone is interested enough to read what I write then I will write as much as possible. I am also a closet nympho so from time to time you may find some x rated information if you don't like then don't read. So this is it for my first post will write more tomorrow.

Carmel Beauty