Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am so sleeeeply!!! (Yawn!!)

If you can't tell from the title bar I am extermely sleepy. My daughter went to the doctor friday and she is cutting 4 teeth two on top two on the bottom, plus she has an ear infection. So me and stbh have not slept in almost a week. We take turns but with both of us being first time parents we can't sleep when it's our turn. We both want to make it better it is ridiculous.

Anywho, here are just a few random thoughts from me.

1) Work is still crazy.
2) I will be writing up at least 2 chapters of Mike and Kyra's story this weekend maybe even
three and post those next week I want to go ahead and finish that story, because I have a
new one running through my mind as I type.
3) Hopefully my car will be working properly today.
4) If anybody knows of any blogs that write a story let me know I love to read.
5) If you haven't already check out my girl Sylvia Hubbard her book SEX WEED is really
getting GOOD!!! The link is on my side bar if you need it. Please go post a comment
asking her to write another chapter because I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!! ( Yes Sylvia I
hope you are reading this)

Question of the day: Do you think anybody would notice if I took a nap?

Praying for rest,

Carmel Beauty

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's all about sex baby!! It's all about you and me!!

Do you remember that song by Salt n' Pepa. They used to be the shit!!! That and push it used to be my favorite songs when I was younger. I have always been a closet freak. To the world at large I was a good girl. Honor roll, never missed a day of school, debate team, cheerleader, Class president, etc. Then freshman year in college I decided to lose my virginity. Then everything I had been holding back all those years came out. It was like it suddenly became night time all the time cause the freak came out at night. I was safe, did not ever suck dick but almost anything else I was game. After a while I realized that the fun I was looking for I was not having. I started having sex at 18, but I didn't have my first orgasm until 25. I have never told my fiancee this and I want yall to keep it a secret with me (pinkie swear) , but I had my first orgasm with him. It has felt good in the past, but I never had that earth shattering experience before him. When I realized that all that time I had been searching for something and I finally found it I was scared. I mean all my other relationship I was like a dude hit it and quit it. I saw what love could do to a person my parents was examples of that so I was not interested in that at ALL.

We began as first which was great to me then lovers he kinda stumbled and fell into the pussy one day. His dick is HUGE and I had been celibate (by choice) for a while about 11months. So it hurt a lot but not that I don't want anymore but that DAMN I need to reevaluate (Do you they come in this size? Will he move or damage things that I need?) this thing right here yeah it felt good, but the pain wouldn't let me get into it like I wanted to. That next time was off the hook yall I mean he couldn't bang me hard enough. He is the reason I now like it rough even if it is slow it always has to be hard. So if you haven't figured it out yet that was when I had my first orgasm.

STBH (soon to be hubby) called me at work today and told me he wants some pussy. It throw me, because I was thinking about his gorgeous dick and I hadn't gotten any this morning as usual. We usually do it about 3 times a day (morning, after work, night) so when we get off our cycle it can be frustrating. Who am I kidding even on our cycle I want that boy like nobodies business.

With the new addition to our family things have slowed down a little. It's not a bad thing it's just how it is. So we constrain our selves more now because she is getting older and understands more. That's why this call was so uhm.... Now I have sex on the brain with 4 more hours left at work. What is a girl to do?

Question of the day: Do you think a wet spot will show since I have on dark jeans?

Looking for a way to dry the wetness,

Carmel Beauty

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A LOT of Random, A little pictures

First off I have a few bugs with the car that need to be repaired before I can start driving it. Nothing major there. I just have to wait and I have never been a patient person at all. I just hope it doesn't take longer than today to repair. I need my car by this weekend though my little family has plans.

Second my baby girl is growing so fast it is scary. I feel like I just gave birth to her yesterday and already she is standing on her own for five minutes at a time. At daycare they are moving her up to the next class. She is going to be with the toddlers now. I know this means that she will be moving along even faster. She will be walking soon and I am excited and terrified at the same time.

Third since I don't want to end up like this I better find a better way to deal with my co-workers than strangle them because even though I still want to I have no intentions of going to jail.
Question of the day: Can you tell I just figured out how to add pictures?
Looking for an anger management class,
Carmel Beauty

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I am currently at work. I have to key in data for about five different people a day. This data should be given to me in it's correct form with all of the information. The ONLY thing I should have to do is input the data. After that is done then it is then re-audited by another person. Now I say re-audited because the five people who give it to me is suppose to audit BEFORE I get it. THIS NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENS!!!!! Every time I key something I have to audit it at the same time because it is almost never correct.

What is really I mean really pissing me off is on of the main offenders is the person in the job for which I recently applied. I was told I was second choice but that she had more experience then me and was a better candidate. Now granted she has worked in a different department for 7 years and I have only been her for going on three years most of which has been in a temporary position, but this is ridiculous. It doesn't matter if they have more experience If I am doing all the work and not getting paid for it.

Another example of her laziness and ineptitude is that the person who had this job before her would do most as in 95% of there own keying as well as all the other work they do during the day. This lady does not any of her own keying also she has to send out invoices to different locations and once a month she has only been here for two months, and the last two times I have had to type up the labels and mail out the invoices because she conveniently had to take the day off when they needed to be mailed. When she is here she spends most of her time in Dory's (I will explain dory later) office they used to work together. I am tired of the abuse the job I am currently doing was done by three people. One left to work for a different company and the other moved upstate. So I am doing all the work on my own and the asshat doesn't do hardly anything, and the things she does do are WRONG.

Now not by any means do I think I am perfect, because I am not I make mistakes but when you have to tell someone over, over, and over about the same mistake I think that person is just being careless.

Dory I got her name from the movie Finding Nemo if you have seen it she reminds me of the fish that had Alzheimer's. Well the Dory is a trip and acts just like that fish it's crazy she is suppose to "re-audit" the work after I have keyed it. Guess what it is still wrong, because she doesn't have the slightest idea what she is doing either.

Now for the mistakes that I notice I will correct, but I don't go searching for them. I don't have time. I just have entirely to much work to do. I don't even have time to type this. I do feel a little better though and that was the reason for this post.

I know I have made several grammatical errors sorry hope you can understand my rant if not please let me know and I will help you out :-).

Question of the day: Is is wrong that I just noticed like A LOT of errors and said fuck it I ain't fixin' it and went on about my business like I didn't even notice it?

Breathing FIRE,

Carmel Beauty

Monday, July 23, 2007


Good morning all,

I have found a car. Also the situation I was referring to that hubby and I are going through seems to be improving at least I am praying that it is. We are still making wedding plans and trying to keep everything moving along at an even pace. It's hard when something knocks you off your block, but we seem to be making it.

In other news, since our recent scare with pregnancy we have been talking about additional children. During our discussions I assumed we were on the same page. That is until last night. His mother, him, & I was talking and out of no where she suggested that if we did not want to have more children now then we need to be on some form of birth control. I brought the subject up to him once we were home I asked if he wanted me to get on a better form of birth control than what we currently use (nothing). He said no. So I asked him to clarify. He stated that we will be blessed with the children God feels we should have whether that be 2 or 10. He NEVER at anytime wants me to do anything to prevent us making a baby. I told him I don't want to have an additional child right now. I thought we were under agreement I was wrong. He wants to have another NOW he feels God will let us know when is the right time. I want to discuss this issue he feels it's not open for discussion. Now I know it's my body I can do what I want. We don't believe in abortion for ourselves, although I am free choice that is just my person choice. I do believe in birth control. We have discussed children at length know we don't want to have more then 4 if that many I don't understand how this never came up before. We will discuss this again he just isn't aware of it. I will not be pregnant every year or have more then four children so something will give.

So my question today: Do you feel in this day and age that God should be your birth control? That he won't give you more children then you are suppose to have. Why or Why not?

Studying the latest birth control methods,

Carmel Beauty

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Car Accident!!!!

My daughter and I were in a car accident yesterday. We are both ok, but my car is totaled. Right now I am taking things one minute at time. I am glad that my daughter is okay so I am going to just take everything as it comes. I am going to be taking a break from writing depending on how I feel, but it will only be for a couple of days if that long.


Carmel Beauty

Friday, July 13, 2007

The simple pleasures!!

I feel old today. I miss the times when I would be happy with a piece of candy and watching Saved by the Bell on TV. When the most I had to do was keep my room clean, my grades up, and my legs closed. Those were the times no responsibilities and life was good.

Today I got that happy feeling again, but for a different reason. I am working on a project at work which requires me to do something in excel and well I did it. (doing my happy dance) This happiness made me think about all of lives simple pleasures. Some people only get happy about the BIG things out of life like a raise, vacation, graduation, etc. I don't think it's bad to celebrate the big things in life, but the small things should be celebrated as well. We never know when our time on this earth will end and I want to end with a bang myself. I want to know that everyday I was here I celebrated ALL all of my accomplishments whether they be BIG or small. Especially with my daughter. Example if she gets an A on a spelling test I will celebrate that just as much as if she gets an A for English for that semester. Every little pat on the back gives people that encouragement to do more strive for better.

In closing look to those around you and yourself and when an accomplishment is made whether is be little or HUGE celebrate it. Make sure that you can say yesterday I did a little thing, today I will do a Big thing, and tomorrow I will do a HUGE thing.

Question of the day: When was the last time you celebrated some accomplishment whether is be yours or someone else's ? If it has been a while then take a minute and do the happy dance with me?


Carmel Beauty

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Title Bar Finally Working Ya!!!!

Ya'll I am feeling so in love with the hubby right now. I can't explain it, but I am going to try. He has been so attentive, just listening when I talk, we have a connection, and he understands how I feel before I even put it into words. Now some would say this is a good thing me well I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Are we allowed to be this happy. I keep trying to roll with it truly I am, but in my experience something bad always happens to ruin the good. I could be wrong this time so I'm trying really hard to let it go. I know he doesn't even know I have a blog let alone read it but Baby Love I love you!!!!!!! I have been hearing that song Always and Forever in my head for like the last three days. I was so tired this morning, because my baby girl did not want to sleep last night and he just made me feel better this morning even though we were both tired. He has a way of just making all my bad days feel good. Now he ain't perfect, but what person is? I just wanted to get that out.

My question of the day: I want to give him a surpise he will never forget something that will knock his socks off. I don't want it to be a rush job I want it to take a few days of planning and be really romantic and inexpensive cause we have already started planning for the wedding and even with us getting married at the JOP it is still going to be expensive. So if anyone has any ideas let me know.


Carmel Beauty

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mike & Kyra Part IIII

Sitting at her desk finishing up her work day Kyra begins to feel queasy jumping up from her desk she goes to her private bathroom making it to the toilet just in time to dump the contents of her stomach. As she was rinsing her mouth out with mouthwash she was thinking to herself.

If I didn't know any better I would think I was pregnant. I take my pills on time though everyday. I never miss a day because I just can't have any children now.

Kyra then goes to her desk and picks up her purse and jacket walks out the door and out to her car. Just as she is unlocking the door she feels a hand come over her mouth and one grabbing her by the waist picking her up off the ground and carrying her. She is then shoved into the of a van. After she and her attacker get in it begins moving. "Look Kyra, if you stay quiet and sit still I will not have to gag and tie you up do you understand?" her attacker states. Kyra then nods her head up and down that she does.

As soon as she is released she lunges for the door not caring that the van is in motion she knows if she is to survive she needs to escape. Before she can get the door open she is knocked on the back of the head. The first time does not knock her out but after the second time she is unconscious.

Hearing a loud thud when she falls back the driver asks "Mikey, you didn't hurt her did you he said if you hurt her he won't pay us?" the driver said. "Nah, I didn't hurt her Mico I just knocked her out so she won't give us any trouble." "Boy she look good though nice Phat ass pull over so I can get me some right quick nobody will ever know." Mikey said. "Hell naw, you crazy not only will he not pay us if he find out he will kill us, that man is ruthless fuck you I dying for no pussy." "Plus the bitch is unconscious I like it better when they fight." Mico said with a sick smile on his face.

Once they reached there destination a big warehouse out on the marina they placed Kyra in a room with a TV, bed, bathroom, and a big suitcase. Closing the door they went in search of the man who hired them to abduct Kyra.

Kyra pretended to still be unconscious until they left once the door closed she surveyed her surroundings trying to find a way out. There has to be a way out of here but I only see a door and very high windows that I know I can't reach. I don't even know who has kidnapped me. I haven't been raped and I am still alive so why am I here. Something is wrong. I'm glad they didn't check me for weapons. I always keep my pocket knife in my snatch. Like visa I don't leave home without it. I wish I had a gun though. I hear footsteps so I am going to lay back down and pretend sleep again.

While laying there with her eyes closed she hears the door open. ......


Carmel Beauty

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Monday, July 9, 2007

This makes no sense:

Okay as you all know I recently had a pregnancy scare and well the results are in and Aunt Flo entered the building on Saturday. And guess what everyone you will never guess not in a million gazillion years. We both are a little disappointed I'm not pregnant. Me more so then him but both of us none the same. I feel like I lost something that I never had to begin with. I know I thought and still do think the timing is horrible right now it's just that for a week I thought I might be and I fell in love all over again then found it was nothing to fall in love with. It's okay though we will try again when the timing is better. So as of right now I am working like crazy to get current in my work so I am going to keep up with it blog as I can.

Question of the day: Do you think I'm crazy? I know I am I just want someone else opinion? :-)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Short & Sweet !!!

If I could I would add more hours to the day. I want to do so much but it just never seems like there is enough time. Anyway, yesterday for the first time my darling baby girl said Ma Ma actually she screamed it for about 2hours. I was having a rough day and she just made everything all better her and my soon to be hubby who I will now refer to as just hubby. He is so good to me. I have never had a male who is my everything like he his. And my baby girl she is just words can not describe the pleasure I feel being her mommy.

Question of the day:

How long do you think you should wait in between children? Can you make yourself not be preggers if you're not ready yet and you would NEVER have an abortion? (I know the answer to that just humor me.)

I don't know if I am I just know that it is a possibility and the timing suuuuuccccckkkssss. Hubby says everything will be OK I just keep praying about it. I have tried to keep it to myself. Freakin birth control malfunction why oh why is the sex so irresistible if it was horrible I would stay away from it. :-)

Praying for a pause in the baby making factory,

Carmel Beauty