Monday, September 10, 2007


"Open your eyes Bitch" said a very familiar voice to Kyra. "I know you not sleep as you want me to believe." stated her kidnapper.

"How are you alive? I I I kil-led you." said Kyra. "You tried but obviously you didn't succeed, but when I kill you trust you will be dead." he said. Kyra then heard someone scream really loud before she passed out.

On the other side of town Mike is pacing in front of Kyra's office waiting on her to come out. After the last time he made a scene in her office he wasn't allowed to go in. Not that he really gave a fuck, but he also wanted to catch Kyra by surprise. Today is the day.

I will put my plan in motion, I know that once all is said and done she will see that my way is best. I know she will be with me then. It is already 6:30pm Kyra should not still be at work what is keeping her.

Ring! Ring! "Sup?" says Mike. "Something is wrong? I called her office, homegirl left for the day at 5:45pm." states B. "What the Fuck?I have been out here waiting on her to show since 6pm. Where the fuck could she be? I am going to go to our house and see if she is there. " said Mike. "Ok, I am going to check around the way, this is strange she had plans with me today. She should have gotten in touch with me a long time ago. Something ain't right. Hit me back if you hear anything I will do the same." said B then he disconnected the call.

Getting into his car Mike goes to the house. Once he parks his car in the garage and sees that Kyra's car is not there he is sure she is not there as well. As he is about to start the car and back out of the garage he hears something that sounds like glass break then he sees the light of flash lights. Mike then grabs his 9mm from under the seat checks to make sure it is loaded with one in the chamber, and slowly proceeds to the house. Mike starts checking the downstairs first. The garage door lets him into the kitchen as he is walking he notices the disarray of the house cabinets open and everything has been dumped on the floor. Walking from the kitchen to the dining room, to the foyer he sees the front door open. Thinking the intruders have left he lowers his gun just as he is about to put it in his holster he is hit from behind with the but of a gun.

When Kyra comes to the first thing she notices is Mike in the room with her. She can't tell if he is alive or dead. She kneels down to check is pulse and notices that he is alive just unconscious. "Mike baby, please wake up?" she says while gently shaking him. "Mike please I need you baby wake up? she notices him start to move so she continues to gently shake him to help him awake. "Kyra what is going on? Where am I at?" states Mike.

Suddenly Kyra kidnapper opens the door and states "That's a good question I will be happy to answer it for you? " ....

I will try to write more before the end of the week.

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Carmel Beauty


mum said...

You are a damn tease, Caramel! You know that! Looking forward to Part VI. Have a good one.


Carmel Beauty said...

Well mum I know you waited a long time and for that I apologize but I hope it was worth the wait I am currently working on the next installment now hope to have it to you soon

Weekends Off said...

AAAAHHHHH a cliffhanger!!!

Torture girlfriend, that is torture!!!

LOL but I like it :0)

Suprina said...

I KNEW you were a writer just POSING as a reader on my blog. lol. I think it's great.

Keep it up, Carmel B. Never stop writing. Never stop reading.