Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life or something like it!

Hey Everybody,

Sorry I have have been MIA I hate it when my fellow bloggers do that, but it could not be helped. My little Angel turned 1 on 10/09 so I have been busy being a first time parent spending more money then is necessary on a party she will NEVER remember. Also I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but when I went into labor with my daughter my sister in law was also pregnant and when she came to visit me. Guess what she went into labor and had her baby HOURS before I had my angel. So guess what I was one PISSED person that day. Anywho me and the sister in law do not get along never have and probably never will. Well needless to say everyone wanted to throw there parties on the same day and my gut told me to say NO well I didn't listen and the party did not make my angel happy. She is always just about ready to cunk out after day care because she doesn't sleep well with others in the room she is just to nosy. Anywho she cried almost the whole time. Now for a little more background information the Mama STBH mama treats her grandchildren differently. For instance she has four grand kids one is me and STBH the other four are the sister in law's. Me and STBH called her the other day and she told us she wanted to spend time with her grand kids so she went to pick up the other three. Mind you she has NEVER come to get my baby and spend time with her. So you know that the party was not my favorite. She bought my precious prissy little girl who did not even want to get cake and icing on her hands a little boy motorcycle. I mean it is red and blue and has peddles this for a little girl who just took her first steps 2 months ago. But the other little girl she bought a little pink and green bike without peddles that can be pushed from behind. That is just one of the ways that tried to play my baby that day so needless to say I was ready to open a can of whup your motherfucking ass before I left.

In other news have you heard about the boy shooting up the school. This is just too much I am such a worrier and I don't know how I will be able to send my daughter to school when the time comes I have a problem sending her to day care now.

Question of the day: We have a new lady in our department who is annoying and just a little off. This chick is so bad they through a party for her when she left her other department. Am I destined to end up working with the dumbest, most annoying, ungrateful, unable to do anything for themselves, lazy, and crazy people in America? If so do you think I could plead bad luck in my defense when I crack the fuck up and go postal on everyone?


Carmel Beauty


Weekends Off said...

First off, Happy belated birthday to Angel-baby-sweet-face. THank goodness she won't remember that awful party. I can't imagine playing favorites like that w/ my grandkids when I have more than one they will all be equal in my heart just like my kids.

Now, the crazy co-worker Oh Lord do I feel you there. you know that LOL. I think temporary insanity is a legit excuse in that department LOL.

Hang in there honey!

Carmel Beauty said...


Weekends Off said...

Hey there I'm just checking in on ya to see how you are doing.

Hope your having a great day!

mum said...

Hey, Caramel. Hope all is well. Still looking for Mike and Kyra. Hope everyone is staying healthy in your house. Take it easy.