Monday, October 8, 2007

Yes it's ALIVE!!!!

This is going to be short and to the point I'm extremely busy today also my life right now is boring. I want to finish the Mike and Kyra story up in the next two weeks then start another also my next major topic will be concerning prisons I think. It's something that has affected a major part of my life throughout the years and I really want to get a feeling for how everybody else view the system. Let's see other than that remember I was telling yall about my situation with getting this job how everything was going to change well I have covered two hurdles. One I have found a new daycare for my angel she starts on Nov. 1 and two I have found affordable health care service for her. So my last hurdle will be to find an apartment/ preferable a house for rent that I can afford. I have till February which is really right around the corner. I miss everybody nobody comments anymore, but I do see that I still have lurkers. Well I gots to go.


Carmel Beauty

BTW if anybody has been watching Desperate Housewives please catch me up on what the HELL is going on with Edie didn't she die last season?


DDgirl said...


Edie had planned for Carlos to find her immediatly after she jumped. However, Carlos was distracted, so he took a while more to find her, and she remained hanged a bit, so she spent one month or so in the hospital. Now she's telling around Carlos and her are "talking about marriage", while Carlos wants to run away with Gabrielle, but he's afraid Edie would loose it.
VoilĂ !

Take care

Anonymous said...

I miss you... Hope the new job is good to you...

Barney said...

ahh..there's more to the Edie story..
She found out that Carlos has an off shore bank account and she let Carlos know all about it.. and that if they were married, and he got caught then she wouldnt be able to testify against him.. but.. if they aint married.. then she would have to testify against him.. blackmail baby!!!!

So last week's episode, was Edie asking Carlos to marry her... and he said yes.. because he's afraid of what she will do...

stay tuned for another hour of mind boggling Edie!!!!

Glad your back..