Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have spoken with hubby on several occasions. I know the reason for his insecurity, because that is exactly what it is. He had a previous relationship long term at the beginning of the relationship he worked in the city regular 8-5 job then after a couple of years he decided that he wanted to drive trucks. They discussed it he told them "her" that he would be driving out of town and asked if she could not handle him being away so much to end the relationship then and not wait until later. She advised that it would be fine and then 7 months of him being on the road later she couldn't take it anymore and ended the relationship via a dear john letter. So yeah he has trust issues, and I will admit that I do to and we have talked about it extensively and have a date to talk about it some more today. He claims he trusts me then we have a argument like Saturday and I know that he doesn't. Right now on his longer periods home is trying to find a job where he can stay home. Until then I know we have to work something out, because I just can't take this as is anymore.


You need to email me and tell me more about that 40 days of prayer, because I need it both me and my husband.


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Carmel Beauty


Sylvia Hubbard said...

That trust issue is going to be up to him, but to get mine to recognize it I used to call him by another name (Walter, Tom, dick or harry ) and when the original man came back that I married, please let me know.

But you shouldn't take married advice from me because I'm divorce from "Walter" now because of those reasons and he was verbally and physically abusive.

And then he also wanted me to stop writing.

So I had to leave him in order to save his life because could you really believe my readers would have allowed him to keep me from finishing a story?


I don't mean to make light of it all, CB, but it really is an internal problem. Just keep open and honest communication with him and do your best to assure him ain't nuthin' rockin' at the house unless he's @ home.

In so many words...

Kisses and loving hugs from Motown

Sylvia Hubbard
Author and Blogger of How2Love A Black Woman.

Suprina said...

Carmel B: I just emailed that stuff to you. Let me know when you get it.


PS. Thanks for the shout-out, girl. That lifted my spirit tremendously.

Weekends Off said...

Hey girl I was just stopping by to say Hi, I hope you get all this worked out and get back to happy times with the hubby! An insecure man is difficult to deal with, I give you credit for trying!

april said...

I really do hope things work out with you and the hubby. I'll definitely keep you guys in my prayers.

Barney said...

Hey girl.. just stopping in to see how everything is going?!

Im hoping this blog-message finds you happe/content & not wanting for anything!!!

april said...

I smiled when I saw your comment because I've been wondering about how you've been. I know I've never met you, but I can totally relate to what's been going on with you at home. And I've been checking your blog to see how you're doing....hope all is well with you and your family. =)