Monday, July 21, 2008


Have you ever noticed that when you are waiting on something that you really want time seems to stand still at a pace that even a turtle could surpass? On the other hand when you are having the most fun in your life it all seems to go by so quickly most of it seems to be a blur of never-ending activity. Well right now waiting to hear about this job is killing me. I want a decision ASAP so that I can move on with my life. Even though I am 85% positive I am not going to get the job, it is hard to shake that 15% because I really want it. Since the possiablility still lingers that I can get the position it is making it hard for me to forget about it and concentrate on more important things.

In other news I am very angry someone has stolen my daughter's earrings out of her ears. The reason I know this is because they are the safety earrings that she can't take out even if she wanted to and they are missing. I can't believe someone would steal from a child of 22 months what in the world is this world coming to. It pisses me off and If I happen to find the person he had the audacity to steal from my baby I will beat the shit out of them and deal with the consequences later. It's not like they were expensive, but it is the principal of the issue.

Well this is the end of my post because I really didn't have time to write this but I needed to share my frustration.


Carmel Beauty


mum said...

who in the world steals from a baby? absolutely pathetic. it's hard to believe people are so selfish.

regarding time - oh, girl. when waiting to hear about job, it seems like the prospective employer has ALL the time in the world meanwhile you're waiting by the phone. keep praying about it. you know who's in charge!


Carmel Beauty said...

Thanks MUM I have been praying for patience it is one of my MAJOR flaws.

mum said...

I never pray for patience, because then He tests us eve more...I always pray for Guidance.


Sylvia Hubbard said...

oh that's like trifflin.

kick their azz for me too.

Carmel Beauty said...

No problem I have energy I am putting in reserve to hopefully find the trifflin sob that had the nerve to steal from my baby.

Suprina said...

Carmel B, Sylvia took the word right out of my mouth 'trifling'.

Since you know that person had to be someone that you (or your family) knows, it makes me even more mad. How else would they be able to get close enough to your baby to take her earrings from her very EARS?!

*gritting my teeth*

Let me end this post before I slip into the flesh, because I simply can't stand somebody violating a child on ANY level and will be ready to fight anybody that even looks suspicious.

Let us know how it goes on the job tip, Carmel B.