Friday, December 7, 2007


Yesterday my home, my place of peace was turned into a place of dread. My humble home was broken into yesterday. There were only two things taken during my break-in one was valued at $30 the other was priceless. To someone who will probably remain forever nameless and faceless my security which is priceless to me was worth a DVD player. Truly what exactly is the world coming to? My home was destroyed, I have glass, and clothes everywhere. My love seat is turned over they even when through the baby's room searching. I mean if they were watching my home they should be able to tell that we are not rich at least not with material possessions. I was just starting to feel safe again after my grandfather was murdered going to get his mail and then this has to happen. How much is one person suppose to be able to take. I am really being tested, what I don't understand is why?

Yesterday I wanted to buy a gun. I was all ready to go on my lunch hour today to apply for my gun license. I understood with all my mind, body, heart, and soul what made T.I. feel like he needed to have guns in his home with silencers and infrared beams. I looked at my daughter and thought I would kill for her I thanked the Lord for making sure my family was safe and tried to make all the thoughts of revenge in my mind go away. The anger I have been feeling will eat away at my soul if I let it. I am trying not to, but I am losing patience.


Carmel Beauty


mum said...

Oh, honey. I am SO sorry. I can't imagine how violated you feel. And for what? A DVD player. I swear these @$$holes enjoy the psychological game they know they are playing on people. To go through your baby's things? Trash.

My purse was stolen out of my car last year. I hadn't locked it and had run my boy into daycare. This loser was watching the parking lot and waiting for someone like me, in a rush. Well, I cancelled everything immediately, he got nothing worthwhile, maybe $30. But he did get my pictures, give me one hell of a hassle with credit cards, DMV, etc. Selfish, selfish, lazy people.

Keep your eye on Him, He will get you through. I can't explain why bad things happen to good people (you, your grandpa), but whether you believe in Him or not, everyone will have a judgement day.

Take it easy.

Carmel Beauty said...

Thanks MUM I have been praying, but I need to get myself to church. I have only been for furnerals and I need to practice what I want my daughter to do. I think God is trying to get my attention well he def has it now.

Weekends Off said...


I'm praying for you

kmorales4 said...

Sorry for what happened. I'll be praying to God for you and hope that you feel peace and tranquility again.

Barney said...

Oh honey..
Im so sorry...
just makes me so mad!!!!

You are a strong women.. you will get thru this...
Be thankful that all your loves are safe....

Try to have a happy holiday

Sylvia Hubbard said...

oh gawd, that's always been my worse fear and living in Detroit isn't making it any better. before i leave the house i lock all three doors and dead bolt everything at night.

i'm terrified of coming home and seeing exactly what you saw and i feel so bad for you baby.

text me your email so i can send you your book you won for the Gaston's desire.

I know it can't help.

oh lawd, my prayers are with you.