Friday, August 24, 2007


I work with a bunch of DUMMIES!!! Not everybody, but one in particular then when you name her you think of about 4 more. It is truly ridiculous. I mean Dory I have told you about her in a previous post where I don't remember, but anywho. She reminds me of bugs bunny because when you tell her how to do something (mind you this lady makes way more then I do and has been here way longer then I have) she says something to the effect of "W-W-What do y-y-you mean?" People will not tell her stuff just so they don't have to spend HOURS explaining the same thing over and over for her to still NOT understand anyway. I mean she is a nice lady but that does not get the work done I need done right. Now you all know the saying you can't teach and old dog new tricks well shit you can't teach her old tricks. I am trying to make this office more efficient for everybody benefit and my sanity. It is not working. If you don't hear from me in a couple days that either means I'm in the loony bin telling my therapist that she made me do I just couldn't tell her how to open the L drive not one more time I mean Doc you got to understand I said it about 20 times please don't send me away forever I will never strangle another person I promise as long as they don't ask me the same question more then twice, or I will be in jail trying to act all hard while the other inmates are asking me what I am in for I have to say well I flipped the fuck out on this lady then they say why what she do to you hurt your baby girl, your momma, what take your money why you flip out on home girl oh she asked me the same question 10 times and I just couldn't take it anymore. On second thought that would probably be a good thing cause all the inmates would think I was crazy and LEAVE ME ALONE. All well I know I ain't about to do that I would miss STBH and my ANGEL too much, but the thought helps me through the hard times.

Question of the Day: Do you know some things I could do to annoy her on the sneak tip? I would love to watch her go crazy for a couple of hours. HEHE!! HAHA!!


Carmel Beauty


soumynona said...

Hey Carmel! I love the name by the way =>
I think you can start with something simple like sending a small bouquet of flowers to yourself (anonymously of course, or I can send you some but I'd have to get to know you better)
Anyway, you could do that and be sure to keep it visible. Then if anyone makes a comment about them you can say, "Well I'm not the only one bc (whatever her name is) just received some flowers yesterday. Of course its a little lie but it will burn deep.

Weekends Off said...

OK well I don't know about what would bug her, but I do things to OL...

I change her default printer and settings, she can never understand why they don't work right some days. I change them back mid shift on her LOL so she's really confused.

I also hide the pens she likes.

And the "COMPLETE" stamp that she wants to use on every damn thing.

Of course I put them all back, usually mid shift and in very plain sight. She spends the 1st part of the day looking and obsessing over them and the second part of the day wondering what's wrong with her LOL.

Carmel Beauty said...

I remember you saying that in one of your older posts. Ol is a trip why is she still there?