Friday, August 31, 2007

STRESSED THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That describes how I feel to a T!! Yesterday at work (by the way my home life is going okay right now for the most part) Dory came to me and asked me if I was going to be busy today. Apparently her supervisor and mine until I get this new job if I get it told her to ask me with help on a project she is working on. Now dory claims she does not have time to do her work, but takes off every Wednesday and talks to several people throughout the day A LOT. Me being the person I am even though I have plently of my own work to do decide to help her but only for yesterday and because I am trying to make a good impersion so I can get this new job. She told me the WRONG thing to do so I give up. All day yesterday everybody said I had a grit face and asked me what was wrong. My supervisor that asked me to do this in the first place as me if I need some caffine or somebody to lay hands on me. I work yall all day from the time I get here till the time I leave and I am still behind, because I am doing the job THREE people were doing by MYSELF. Don't nobody help me with my duties. I am sick and tired of this bullshit. If I don't get this stupid fucking job I am going to go the FUCK off on everybody!!!!!!

Okay I am done for now with my rant. In other news I thought everybody had forgotten about my short story. I will write another entry this weekend I promise MUM.

Question of the day: Does anybody know how to assemble an assualt rifle or make a bomb? I'm just curious it could be useful information one day :-)


Carmel Beauty


Weekends Off said...

I feel for ya! I really do. I have to do OL's work over most of the time because of all the mistakes she makes.

Did they say when you might hear if you got the job? I hope they dont' screw you. I got screwed over once. I was working for Exxon at the gas station, the manager got promoted and another was brought in. She told me that if I helped her get the store ready, when they gave her the official manager title I'd become her assistant.

The DAY she became manager I was transferred and she was the one who did it. I quit. Mid shift. I shut the store down, locked the doors and left.

I don't know how to assemble an assault rifle, but I do know how to take my bossses guns apart and clean them. :-)

The only bombs I know about are bug bombs and well, the bombs my husband leaves in the restroom sometimes, but I dodge those!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Carmel Beauty said...

Weekends thanks again the smiles and laughs are much appreciated.