Monday, August 20, 2007

A little random information, A Lot of uninteresting facts

** Warning this is written by a mother who has only had 3 hours of continuous sleep and needs a nap***

Last week I took TWO Days off from work. Day one I was sick as a dog. I didn't want to take this day off, but I just couldn't make it in. Day Two which was Wednesday I had to go to court. You remember the traffic accident I had well I got a ticket. So I go to court at 7:40am after dropping my Angel off at daycare. My thinking was that since court doesn't start till 9am I will be early and get to leave early. I was WRONG in my thought process, because when I got there it was a line all the way to china. So I am standing behind this chick and she just starts talking to me telling me TMI. This is what I learned.

  1. She served 30 days in jail for 10 worthless checks.
  2. She was in court last time for a hit and run she is currently on probation for.
  3. Her boyfriend came downstairs from the 5th floor and told her where he had court at today. ( My only thought to this was please don't have any children)
  4. She talks a lot.

Then the man behind me advised me this was his second traffic ticket and told me how the system works. Also that there would be a record number of 1900 people in court today. So I waited and waited and WAITED to be told that I have to get information from my insurance company and come back on September 5th. I am not doing my happy dance.

My apartment complex is giving me trouble that is starting to make me trip the FUCK out. Last month my door was replaced with a new "better" one. When this happen a couple days later we had to stay with my grandma, because we didn't have any transportation. Last week we finally got a working car. We move back home and I begin to notice immediate problems in the form of ants everywhere. I did not leave food out so I am not able to understand what the problem is. Then while cleaning the hallway by the door (sweeping, mopping) I notice where the ants are coming from. They come in the front door like they fucking pay rent. I also can not lock the door without almost breaking the key and the last straw was last night. I was laying in bed with my feverish daughter and a bug flew from my bathroom into my bed room. I don't even know what kind of bug this was it didn't look like it should have wings, because it then began to crawl before I killed it. I HATE any and all bugs. I called the apartment complex last week Thursday and Friday. I called again today and they said the problem has been repaired but that is a lie because I still see ants coming in daily I can't stay there with this issue the manager is suppose to be calling me back soon.

My daughter has her 5th ear infection since the end of May and I am just NOT happy about that. I need her to have some relieve and her doctor to do a better job or I will have to get her another one, because this is just too much.

And to top off this really long post I am going to give you the icing on the cake. STBH wants to have another child. He came out point blank and said he is ready for another one.

Question of the day: If I shoot, stab, beat, & burn STBH do you think I they will think I was trying to kill him? If so with all the stress I currently have do you think I can plead temporary insanity? I.E. The ants made me do it.

Looking for shelter,

Carmel Beauty


My angel has yet another ear infection. I just may tie my tubes. Thanks Weekends I will try that stuff I have also called my apartment complex THREE times and sent and email since I wrote this post and the Manager is suppose to be coming to my house this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I'd tell STBH that when he can carry a baby around for 9 months then give birth then he can have all the kids he wants. Don't you have a wedding coming up soon? I'd concentrate on the wedding for now. You have too much on your plate right now to even talk about having another kid. Good luck!

Barney said...

Is he willing to stay at home and take care of both babies?
to much to soon..

Find a "pregnancy suit" or what are they called sympathy suits.. haha.. make him wear it around for a few weeks, at 9 months.. see how his back, ankles, legs all feel.. Men.. sheesh!!!!

Anyhow.. good luck on the apt management... reminds me.. I need to call mine!!!

Weekends Off said...

Girl I feel for you. You hadn't found my blog back when I had moved into our apartment back last November- roaches girl roaches!!!

I flipped out so bad and so often on the complex I was actually starting to feel bad for them!!!

Check this link out re: your ant problem and maybe that will help?
My coworker said the chalk worked, she had ants in her house.

Ok 1900 people for court is insane, and I bet you they all had to be there at the same time. Ever notice that? It sucks that you ended up with a ticket.

Now, this is just me, but if I were in your position and he was saying he wanted another baby...I'd "uh=huh" him all day long and keep on keeping on. Don't bother saying No or not yet...because I'm guessing the birth control is in your corner so you'd have to stop taking it to get pregnant. You don't have to lie, just be like "uh-huh" and change the subject LOL...

Don't have a baby because he wants one, you have to wait till you both are ready. Besides you don't wanna have to lose baby fat to fit into your wedding gown! But it is kinda sweet how much he wants these kids. Just don't let it become an issue.

Anonymous said...

There could be a nest inside the door, or a nest could have become active and when it does, ants come out everywhere. I lived in a 1st floor apt. my daughter woke up crying so I went in her room and started to rock her in the dark, I looked up at the wall and I could faintly see a black line on the wall over her crib, I turned the light on and there were ants and flying ants all over the wall, under the crib and in the crib, poor baby no wonder she woke up. I screamed at my husband to wake up! We couldn't get rid of them after that.

Tomscockwhore said...

Hi there! I followed you here from Weekends Off.

I feel sorry for your little one! I won't give you mommy advice because I always hated it when people did that to me. But I'll keep you in my thoughts!

Ants suck. Apts suck. Men who want more babies suck. Apt managers suck. Avoid all of them if possible!

Hang in there and buy some ant (and roach) spray!

mum said...

Hey, Caramel.

Both of my kids ended up with tubes in their ears. Ear infections over the winter is one thing, but when they keep getting them even in warm weather, you have to do something. I don't understand why it's a problem for some and not others. My kids cousins never had one ear infection. We don't smoke or have any animals. It does help, though. Now, they can still get a random infection, but the tubes allow it to drain instead of the painful pressure. Just an idea from someone who's been there. Sleepless nights are HARD.

God Bless.

Weekends Off said...

I am so sorry to hear she has another ear infection! I suffered from then repeatedly as a kid and ended up with tubes more than once.

Is there another antibiotic they could try perhaps she's gotten used to the one she's on making it less effective?

Once I started saying things like "acceptable living standards" and "health department" and "city inspectors" and "refund of my deposit and rent check" they REALLY tackled my roach problem head on. Within a week I hadn't seen a roach at all, and I had been fighting them for about a month, maybe longer.

Weekends Off said...

Me again. I tagged you and came to tell you you were tagged and then I remembered you had a sick baby...

So if you want to and have time then come get tagged, if not I won't take offence!


Anonymous said...

Why did the format of your blog change and where are the links to other blogs? I had several that I like to read but I hadn't bookmarked them. Now I can't find them.


Carmel Beauty said...

Sorry Anon I didn't know I would lose my links I have replaced most of them I am still looking for Tanner if anybody knows the address please let me know