Saturday, May 17, 2008


" Look just tell me what the Fuck you want so we can leave. I hate your ass always have always will. I will never understand what made my mom stay with you, but I can't even stand the sight of you." Kyra said while trying to wake Mike up.

"Look Bitch I thought you got the point the first time you are not leaving here unless it is in a body bag. " Black said while lighting his blunt. "I just need one thing for you or you would already be dead.

"What makes you think that I would give you anything especially if I know you are going to kill me anyway?" Kyra was finally successful in waking up Mike while talking with Black. Using pressure on his arm she tried to convince him to pretend to be unconscious. I want us to live there has got to be away out of this situation. My baby shouldn't die, because I made a mistake. How is this motherfucker still alive. I shot his ass more then Tupac.

"Your going to help me because I have an incentive, something that I know you will die for." "Yo cricket bring in the surprise. This bitch probably still think she will be saved. " Black then began to pace waiting on cricket to come. After a couple of minutes passed and he did not hear cricket coming he called on his walkie talkie, but did not receive a response. What the fuck I can't reach anybody. Cricket, taj, keisha, jay, balls. Fuck, fuck, fuck. "I be right back." Black said as he was walking out the room. He then closed and locked the door behind him.

"Mike baby are you okay can you stand are you hurt?" Kyra said while trying to look him over for any injuries.

"I'm fine just a little dizzy, I'll be okay in a minute. " "So what is going on I was there that motherfucker should be dead." I can't believe what I almost did to Krya in a way I am glad that this happened to stop me from kidnapping her. I love her, but her bitch ass daddy is just the reminder that I needed that that love needs to be mutual. It will definitely be hard to let her go though. Damn she might be pregnant. How in the world am I going to tell her that?

"Mike I know he locked the door, but I am not sure that is the only way out. You see that window up there. I know it is kinda far, but I think we can make it. Do you think you can make it?" Kyra said while trying to position furniture near the window so that they can claim up and out the window.

"Yeah I am fine now once we get up how do we get down on the other side?" Mike said. "I know we are at least on the second floor. How about instead of going out the window we make it look like we did and ambush them when they come back into the room." If we do make it out of this alive I don't want to do anything that will endanger our child.

"Okay we can do it your way, because we are actually on the third floor so that is too high to jump. Help me move the furniture. "

As they were just getting everything in place they heard someone coming they both began to pray knowing that if this didn't work all three of them could be dead.



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