Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Grandmother!

In order to talk about the present I have to explain a little about my past. I was raised by my grandmother mostly I went to live with my mothers mother at the age of about 4. She has raised me and my brother. I love her to death. I live with her till about age 11 then I moved in with my father's mother. Then back to my mother. It was a lot of moving, but the place that felt like the most home and was the most stable was with my grandmother. She loves me I know and I love her too, but do to all of the disappointments she has had in her life she is very very very much a controlling person. As you can guess my grandmother and I are closer then her other grandchildren I'm not a favorite, but we spend more time together and act more like mother and daughter. For the most part it is a good relationship, but when I happen to do something that she doesn't like well then she uses her money to try to control the situation.

Anywho now to the present. My husband and I got married at the justice of the peace Grandma did not like that she wanted us to marry in a church on a date of her choosing. So because of this she is writing me out of her Will. Truly I don't care about the money it's the principle, she believes that I have made a bad decision at this point I believe that she wants me to have a bad marriage. Her words were she will never mention my marriage again, whether it be bad or good. I know I should leave it alone and I will, but I have always sought this women's approval and it just never seems like I get it. I know she is upset about the how and when, but it's done. I just needed to talk about the situation. It did make me feel a little better, I guess it was just to much to ask for a happy family.

Question of the day: Can you divorce your whole family then court another? Do you think one day we should be able to pick our parents?




Suprina said...

Maybe you can reach a compromise with grandma. Perhaps by having a second ceremony just for her. Even let her plan most of it.

I'm thinking that Grandma is feeling very rejected for being left out of your special day and so is retaliating. Sad, but possibly true.

An apology for hurting her feelings by leaving her out of your special day might be in order. Though you might not feel like you should apologize, it just might mean all the difference in the world to her. Maybe even mend a few fences.

Just my 2 cents.


PS. Good chapter. Keep writing!

Carmel Beauty said...

Thanks Suprina! I did try talking to my grandmother even apologize, but it hasn't mended fences between her and my husband. I have always wanted to have a family in every sense of the word an right when I start towards making mine this happens. I had already decided to do a second cermony for our first wedding anniversary. The last was really about us.

Wow did you really like the story!

Suprina said...

Yes, I really like the story. What I like most of all is the fact that you're exercising your own writing gift. Keep going. Be mindful of those necessary commas (and other punctuation) that must be used during direct quotes such as:

"And I am telling you. I'm not going," Jennifer said.

The order is: Beginning quotation mark, direct quote, comma (or other punctuation), ending quotation mark.

Hope that helps. Us writers got to stick together. *smile*

As for the grandma situation, just continue to make peace where and when you can. Some people just need time to come around.

Much luv.