Monday, May 5, 2008


Okay first things first I passed both of my classes, but I wish I had done better in my Accounting class. I mean I passed with a C but I have always been a A/B student plus I am a type A personality so a C just doesn't sit well with me. I did get a A- in my public speaking class so that made me feel a little bit better.

Second I did get most of my money, but not all and now you guessed it I am broke. I mean literally. All my bills are paid, but I need some money.

Third I HATE MY JOB. One of the people I work with is leaving for a different job and I want her job. I should have the first choice, because I have the time on the job since I have been there for a while. She is a temp a new temp at that so why is my supervisor training her to do the job. I mean taking her to meeting and having her work with the girl that is leaving giving her the information to do the job. I think it is completely unfair that he is doing this. I want/need this job. I have worked my ass off for over two years at this job and this is the thanks that I get.

Anywhoo I have to VOTE tomorrow can't wait. Nothing exciting to say married life is a little boring but a good boring. I love my husband so much.

Question of the day: How long does it take for the newness to wear off? I hope never I am already looking into things to keep it juicy as little Wayne would say.



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Barney said...

Ive never been married, so I dont know how long the newness takes to wear off..

But Ive been in some long relationships, and well, after awhile the newness does go away... but you end up being in a really good comfie status..

All will be great for you and your family... keep up the positive attitude and ya'll will go far!!!