Monday, May 26, 2008


Kyra then jumps into the driver's seat and backs up in a mad dash to get away. As she is pulling off Mike tells her to stop he suddenly sees B coming out of the house running towards the car. B then jumps into the back seat and Kyra pulls out onto the main road as quick as she can. "Yo Mike can you do me a favor, hand me the first aid kit under the passenger side seat? B said. Mike turns around and looks at B when he hands him the first aid kit and notices the blood on his leg. "Man you been shot we have got to get you to a hospital." Mike says this while trying to direct Kyra to the closest hospital using hand signals. "No Mike I don't need a hospital that is the first place they will send someone looking for us anyway. It's just a flesh wound. " B said. "Just drive we need to dump this car and get another one apparently I did not loose that car following us like I thought we did." B said this while picking up his cell phone and dialing the only person he could trust. It was the only person beside Kyra that he has know for as long as he could remember.

"Dom look I need a favor quick fast and in a hurry where you at?" as he pauses in the conversation he begins to write down directions to the location of Dominic. "Okay we will be there in like 20minutes. Kyra these are the directions. Don't go too fast though cause the police are Hot like fire in this area. Mike we have got to keep an eye out for anyone following us. Bringing heat to Dom's place can get everyone killed. That nigga don't play." While B/Jackson was talking he was cleaning his wound as much as possible with the supplies he had. The bullet had went on the outside of his skin, but the blood had already stopped.

"Okay B since you don't have to concentrate on the road how about you start telling us what is going on?" mike said he did really want to know what was going on, but he wanted to make sure that B was okay whatever his game was he was apparently not trying to hurt either him or Kyra. "Alright man, look I have known Kyra since we were little she came to me about you and told me what was going on. I know yall thought that her stepfather was dead, but as you can see he is not. When she told me how you helped her out I was glad, because that was one sick nigga. I wanted to kill him myself, but you got to him first. Plus Kyra didn't really tell me everything he was doing till after the fact. Anyway you know that I met you on the bust you did about 2 years ago. At the time I did not know who you were, but since you seemed cool and I could tell you had a lot of connects well I just figured it would be a good idea to be friends with you. Being in the FBI drug division the connects you have are sure to come in handy again. Once I realized who you were I really wanted to make sure to get to know you better. When you came to me with that shit you wanted to do to Kyra I realized that the only way to stop you was to "help" you. I had already been helping Kyra she told me why she wanted out even though she still thinks that you love her. The only reason you are here is because I haven't had time to kill you yet, but trust if you even think about hurting Kyra the way you have been over the last couple of months I will kill you and trust me YOU will be DEAD when I get finished with you. Just to let you know I haven't told Kyra yet, but I know where you little extra dough is coming from partna." As Jackson finished explaining his self he set back on the seat cushions even though the injury wasn't life threatening it still hurt like hell.

"Look Jackson, I know I have been wrong okay I knew that when I realized what daddy dearest was doing, but I have changed my ways. I also know that neither you nor Kyra will believe me, but I hope Kyra will at least give me a chance to prove myself. Kyra baby you don't look to good are you okay? Mike said while looking at Kyra who looked like she was about to be sick. Then Jackson got a chance to get a good look at her and noticed that she really did look bad. "I haven't been feeling well for a while and all this excitement has not been making it better Mike I am going to pull over to the side of the road so you can drive. Just as she pulled over she barely had time to open the door before everything she had eaten this morning was on the side of the road. Mike was gently rubbing her back and holding her hair thinking to himself. Damn Kyra has never been sensitive even when we thought we killed her stepfather she took it like a champ. I know she is pregnant now and I have to get her and our baby to a safe place. As Kyra finally felt certain that she was finished emptying her belly she began to slide out of the car into the passenger seat while Mike helped her. If this fool ever finds out I am pregnant he will never leave me alone. I just don't think I can trust him ever again. I have got to keep this pregnancy a secret. Now how am I going to do that .......

Words of the day: I have a hard enough time posting the story so my proofreading sucks. I know hope you enjoy.




mum said...

Hey, Caramel. I'm here. Been checking back regularly for Mike & Kyra posts...I never gave up on you!!! Loved this latest entry. Keep it up girl!


Carmel Beauty said...

Thanks MUM!

Suprina said...

Carmel B, that post explains a lot. Now I understand why Kyra is the way she is a little bit more. Still don't appreciate Mike putting his hands on her the wrong way though. Maybe B/Jackson can beat him down at least once for that. lol.

*smiling mischeivously*

Be back to check on more posts later this week.


PS. I know editing online can be the pits sometimes. You can try to format everything right and it still turn out wrong on the blog. Just keep messing around with it. It eventually gets better.

Weekends Off said...

Hi CB I just wanted to let you know I found you again LOL!

I thought you had given up blogging or something, I'm glad you are back.

I re-blogrolled ya!

Barney said...

Looking good...

woo hoo!!!!