Wednesday, May 21, 2008


After hearing the door open and close, suddenly Mike and Kyra hear someone whispers Kyra. Kyra looked out from behind the bed and saw that it was Jackson before Mike could stop her she was alerting Jackson as to their presence. “Jackson thank God it’s you, please tell me you have a way for us to get out of here.” Kyra said.

As Mike heard Jackson speak he realized he heard that voice before climbing out from under the bed he finally got a good look at Jackson and realized that he had been double-crossed. “What the fuck why is she calling you Jackson B?” Mike said. “What is really going on here?” “How do you know him Kyra?” Mike said that while pacing the room. He was made as hell.

“Look Mike and Kyra I can explain, but right now we don’t have much time we need to get out of here fast.” said B/Jackson. “I put some of those nigga’s to sleep, but some of them will be waking up soon.” B then began to rush both Mike and Kyra out of the room. He went out the door first looking to the left then right to make sure nobody was in the hallway. After making sure he didn’t see anyone he gave a gun to both Mike and Kyra. They finally made it out to Jackson/B’s car and before Mike had closed the door good the car was off and running. Unfortunately, they did not see the car that was following behind them.

“Yo call the boss man tell him where we are let him know that we are following that bitch.” said Mikey. Mico then picked up the phone and called the boss letting him know they were following the girl. “Well you better not lose her because if you do you better make sure you can disappear because if you don’t and I find you, you will be dead.” boss man said before hanging up the phone.

“B, trust you have a lot of explaining to do, but in the mean time tell me where are we going?” said Mike. “To a safe house, it is the only place that I can keep you safe.” said Jackson/b. “I don’t trust you to do shit for me, I need you to take me and Kyra to my car and I will get us to safety.” while talking was getting more and more upset, finally he takes his gun out and points it at Jackson/ B’s head.

Moving Mike’s hand wrestling with him with the gun Kyra screams “Both of yall need to call down we are being followed. Now is not the time for all the drama. I think it is the guys that kidnapped me from work.”
Jackson/B then proceeds to try to lose there followers. After 1 hour of weaving in and out of traffic going down one lane streets and going outrageous speeds they finally lose there followers and end up at the safe house. “Yall, wait in the car I’m going to check the house out.” B/Jackson said while getting out the car. Just as Jackson/B gets into the house shots ring out….


Suprina said...

Girl, you got me caught up in the story. Don't stop now!

That Mike is a trip for beating on Kyra and switching out her BC pills. Oh, yes, the brotha was definitely wrong for that.

Kyra ain't no better with all her secrets. For a minute there, I thought she was gonna poison the man's food. Whew! Glad she didn't. Seems like they need each other right about now.

Can't wait to see what happens next!


Carmel Beauty said...

I'm somebody is reading it. I am at work now but I will work on another post this weekend.

Suprina said...

I'll check back late Sunday to see how it all ends, Carmel B. Or if it all ends on that day since I'm not sure how far you plan to go with this storyline.