Monday, July 9, 2007

This makes no sense:

Okay as you all know I recently had a pregnancy scare and well the results are in and Aunt Flo entered the building on Saturday. And guess what everyone you will never guess not in a million gazillion years. We both are a little disappointed I'm not pregnant. Me more so then him but both of us none the same. I feel like I lost something that I never had to begin with. I know I thought and still do think the timing is horrible right now it's just that for a week I thought I might be and I fell in love all over again then found it was nothing to fall in love with. It's okay though we will try again when the timing is better. So as of right now I am working like crazy to get current in my work so I am going to keep up with it blog as I can.

Question of the day: Do you think I'm crazy? I know I am I just want someone else opinion? :-)


mum said...

You are no more crazy then the rest of us. I have been through the same thing and you kind of get yourself ready for the test to be positive and then it isn't.

Looking forward to hearing more about Kyra and Mike.


Carmel Beauty said...

Well since I have gotten this reprive I will try to sneak in a post about Mike and Kyra maybe today

kmorales4 said...

Hmmmm? Crazy? That depends, did you take all your meds today?

L.O.L. Just kidding. Lithium makes me say CRaZy thangs.

Weekends Off said...

Nope not crazy LOL

Carmel Beauty said...

Yeah I keep forgetting to take them LMAO