Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am so sleeeeply!!! (Yawn!!)

If you can't tell from the title bar I am extermely sleepy. My daughter went to the doctor friday and she is cutting 4 teeth two on top two on the bottom, plus she has an ear infection. So me and stbh have not slept in almost a week. We take turns but with both of us being first time parents we can't sleep when it's our turn. We both want to make it better it is ridiculous.

Anywho, here are just a few random thoughts from me.

1) Work is still crazy.
2) I will be writing up at least 2 chapters of Mike and Kyra's story this weekend maybe even
three and post those next week I want to go ahead and finish that story, because I have a
new one running through my mind as I type.
3) Hopefully my car will be working properly today.
4) If anybody knows of any blogs that write a story let me know I love to read.
5) If you haven't already check out my girl Sylvia Hubbard her book SEX WEED is really
getting GOOD!!! The link is on my side bar if you need it. Please go post a comment
asking her to write another chapter because I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!! ( Yes Sylvia I
hope you are reading this)

Question of the day: Do you think anybody would notice if I took a nap?

Praying for rest,

Carmel Beauty


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way you do. There is 1 site you can go to for good She has a story started there called Sometimes & a friend of hers has 1 called The Bet. There is also a story called What my heart desires (WMHD)that she finished the beginning of the year. They all are good reads. For the 1st 2 just click on story time & she has her link set up for WMHD.

Anonymous said...

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