Monday, July 2, 2007

Short & Sweet !!!

If I could I would add more hours to the day. I want to do so much but it just never seems like there is enough time. Anyway, yesterday for the first time my darling baby girl said Ma Ma actually she screamed it for about 2hours. I was having a rough day and she just made everything all better her and my soon to be hubby who I will now refer to as just hubby. He is so good to me. I have never had a male who is my everything like he his. And my baby girl she is just words can not describe the pleasure I feel being her mommy.

Question of the day:

How long do you think you should wait in between children? Can you make yourself not be preggers if you're not ready yet and you would NEVER have an abortion? (I know the answer to that just humor me.)

I don't know if I am I just know that it is a possibility and the timing suuuuuccccckkkssss. Hubby says everything will be OK I just keep praying about it. I have tried to keep it to myself. Freakin birth control malfunction why oh why is the sex so irresistible if it was horrible I would stay away from it. :-)

Praying for a pause in the baby making factory,

Carmel Beauty


kmorales4 said...

Girl I've been there. I've had pregnancy scares AND I've had an untimely pregnancy.

Let me tell you something. Stress will hold back your period so relax and take a home test to get it overwith. If in fact you are pregnant, I can only say by experience this kid WILL BE A JOY.

I was well into my six month gestation when I finally accepted that I was having another child so soon after my first. I now feel horrible that at first I didn't want to be pregnant. I love my daughter to death. I love them both to death and I don't know what sense my life would have without them.

Carmel Beauty said...

Thanks for that because I have been really bitchy to everyone lately esp the hubby (not the baby though) and I know it will be okay I just have to get used to it if it happens still not ready to take the test though I am going to give it a while I have been kinda stressed lately

bdave00 said...

I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 3 month old. Two weeks after we got married I found out that I was pregant. I was in shock for about a month. When I found out that I was preg. for the second time, I cried. We wanted to wait. It took me about a month to let it sink in. I love both of my children and would not trade them for anything. I had my tubes tied after Taylor was born. We wanted two kids and that is it. It can be stressful sometimes with two kids and most times it is wonderful.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

don't stress.

i had a son less than a year of having my daughter and I was upset that I was upset about it, but finally came to the reality that children are blessings and you do good by them even before their born, you'll do good for yourself.

Weekends Off said...

I've been working on gaining more hours in a day myself, so far I've come up empty handed!

How cute, she said Mama aww, that is the sweetest sound in the world. I remember my children saying it and I can imagine how that made you feel.

Don't stress too much about this, I agree w/ 1st comment about stress, it can stop your period. And if you are pregnant I bet, as overwhelming as it may seem now, you can do it. You have an awsome man by your side to lean on so make sure you do!

Now, ideally, I would wait until my 1st would be potty trained before another, but I didn't. My kids were born 11-85, 10-87 & 7-89.

Cyndi said...

People should read this.