Friday, July 27, 2007

It's all about sex baby!! It's all about you and me!!

Do you remember that song by Salt n' Pepa. They used to be the shit!!! That and push it used to be my favorite songs when I was younger. I have always been a closet freak. To the world at large I was a good girl. Honor roll, never missed a day of school, debate team, cheerleader, Class president, etc. Then freshman year in college I decided to lose my virginity. Then everything I had been holding back all those years came out. It was like it suddenly became night time all the time cause the freak came out at night. I was safe, did not ever suck dick but almost anything else I was game. After a while I realized that the fun I was looking for I was not having. I started having sex at 18, but I didn't have my first orgasm until 25. I have never told my fiancee this and I want yall to keep it a secret with me (pinkie swear) , but I had my first orgasm with him. It has felt good in the past, but I never had that earth shattering experience before him. When I realized that all that time I had been searching for something and I finally found it I was scared. I mean all my other relationship I was like a dude hit it and quit it. I saw what love could do to a person my parents was examples of that so I was not interested in that at ALL.

We began as first which was great to me then lovers he kinda stumbled and fell into the pussy one day. His dick is HUGE and I had been celibate (by choice) for a while about 11months. So it hurt a lot but not that I don't want anymore but that DAMN I need to reevaluate (Do you they come in this size? Will he move or damage things that I need?) this thing right here yeah it felt good, but the pain wouldn't let me get into it like I wanted to. That next time was off the hook yall I mean he couldn't bang me hard enough. He is the reason I now like it rough even if it is slow it always has to be hard. So if you haven't figured it out yet that was when I had my first orgasm.

STBH (soon to be hubby) called me at work today and told me he wants some pussy. It throw me, because I was thinking about his gorgeous dick and I hadn't gotten any this morning as usual. We usually do it about 3 times a day (morning, after work, night) so when we get off our cycle it can be frustrating. Who am I kidding even on our cycle I want that boy like nobodies business.

With the new addition to our family things have slowed down a little. It's not a bad thing it's just how it is. So we constrain our selves more now because she is getting older and understands more. That's why this call was so uhm.... Now I have sex on the brain with 4 more hours left at work. What is a girl to do?

Question of the day: Do you think a wet spot will show since I have on dark jeans?

Looking for a way to dry the wetness,

Carmel Beauty


Anonymous said...

3 times a day when you have a child? More power to you.


Carmel Beauty said...

yeah it's a challenge!! But we make it work

Anonymous said...

That is great that you all make time. I have two kids and by the end of the day sometimes I'm ready to go to bed.


april said...

I get it twice a day, but I'm trying to convince him to give it to me more. We actually had an "argument" about sex because I want it a lot more than he does and he needs to put out. He says 2 times a day should be enough. I say it is, but 3 or 4 would be better. Right?

Carmel Beauty said...

Now april you see my point if I could get it more trust I would Maybe I'm a nympho I really don't care I need it when I need it