Friday, June 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces of me

I had a lazy morning today. I was unable to get onto the system to do anything so I just sat around all morning. I wanted to post on my blog or read others, and when I realized I couldn't even do that I got mad. I mean really what fun is it that when you can goof off and not do any work you can't read the Internet, other blogs, or write on your own blog. So I decided to take my lunch at 11am this morning and go pick up my check so that was fun who doesn't love getting paid. Then after I realized how much my bills were compared to my check amount I was left with get this yall a whole $142.26 till pay day which is like 2weeks away. So as you may have guessed I was then very mad again.

In other news, I did get some good news so everyone just pray that everything will work out for me and my fiancee. We have been going through a trying time lately. I won't go into details, and no it's not about our relationship, but we have been going through a lot lately. This news today although we have been praying about it for a while I won't say it was unexpected it was just better than expected at least for the time being. I actually love how our adversity has made us stronger. We communicate better than ever before. I know whatever life hands to us we will be able to handle in our 2yr. 7mth. relationship we have been through more then a little bit let me tell you. I am glad though because it has shaped the people we are today.

My daughter is standing already and she is growing up so fast this makes me happy and scares me at the same time. She is so beautiful with the biggest grey/blue eyes I have ever seen. She has this thing where she will stare at you without blinking. I mean she does this for long periods of time yall, and it scares my aunt. She has her periods of unexplained fussiness, but for the most part she is such a happy baby. I told her father though that he will have a lot on his hands when she is able to date at age 25. :-)

Well yesterday was the girl I was telling yall about last day so today is the beginning of me taking over her position. So while I was unable to do anything I have been just going over some of the parts of her job trying to see what is caught up and what is behind. Guess what? EVERYTHING is behind. It will take 6months just to catch up. I want the job though. I love the work I just wish it was caught up I hate having to dig myselve out of a pit because the new work will continue to come even if the old is not done. Then people have been coming to me all day with stuff they would usually ask her about then they ask are you going to be applying for her position. Why are people so nosy? I mean really is that their business at all. I just say I haven't decided then they give me their unsolicited advise and tell me I should. It's really quite annoying.

So I have been writing forever and a day long post I know. I will go now no helping views today I couldn't think of a topic. I will work more on Mike and Kyra story today though and have more for ya on Monday. Everyone who blogs I stalk I read today's entry if you have one and it would not let me post a comment I may try to do that later if I have time. :-)


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bdave00 said...

Being a mother is wonderful. I love your blog.

Drea said...

im doing fine
i just havent been in on in a while.
thank you for checking on me, i truly apreciate it.
no not sucide, i used to cut and it just wasnt a great time for me.
you are right its not worth it, i just needed a reality check and some time off.

i loveeee your blog. especially the mike and kyra series. hahaha

ill post soon, i had a really intresting week.