Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ok, please bear with my coworker and I, we go online and read other blogs all day, and thought well hey we can do that too! This is gonna be fun, so I hope you are ready for a ride! We are just gonna wild out, but also, we want to be informative, help others along the way and give people some things to think about and talk also just talk plan crap! This is not about us, but this is about you guys that are reading, so when you start commenting we will start acting up! If you see something that you feel dont not relate to you then hell, dont read it! If you like it, keep on reading it, just show some love at the same time.

So here goes! I am a sophisticated, classy woman, with goal on my mind. What ever I want I get it, so that in itself says that I am determined. My life, I try to keep simply, but interesting and there are just some many things that come at me that make me wanna cut a mutha., but I am gonna be cool and realize that things happen for a reason. I will be keeping you guys informed on that too! We are gonna keep it real, honest, hilarious and just be an open book to you guys. So when you get here, forget about all that day to day shit and enter into our world!