Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Schedules !!!!!

I keep trying to make a schedule for myself with blogging, work, my daughter, and fiancee well today I have come to realize that they just don't work so no more. At work before I can finish one assignment they are bringing me another so in between each I am working on whatever that I can. It's the end of our fiscal year so things are very busy here. I barely have time to write this. At home my daughter requires a lot of attention and she is teething right now so that is not fun for either of us. She is just not sleeping well so in turn neither are me and my fiancee. Also about a week ago for the last month she had an ear infection that would NOT go away it is better now but that and teething at he same time is just HELL. Well woman you know how your man requires his attention we are still trying to get into a groove after having the baby so we are not quite there but hopefully we will be soon.

I will have more free time this weekend to work on Mike & Kyra's story so I hope to be able to post another part on Monday.

My question today is how come all the TV mothers made it look so easy to run a household?

Needing structure,

Carmel Beauty


Barney said...

Because TV is fake..
Make it all look glamerous, and fun, and easy.. and then everyone one will want to do it too..

Sadly.. it's not easy.. it's tiresome, hard, questioning, bang your head against the door jam, wonder why you are doing it.. Hard ass work..

But.. when you see those eyes and that big smile looking at you, and feel their little arms wrapped around you, hear their beautiful laughter..
you realize.. that it's all so worth it...

Well until they becom teenagers..
then.. it's bang your head against the nearest wall.. wondering and muttering to yourself..
"what the hell am I gonna do with them?"!!!!

Weekends Off said...

Yeah ditto to Barney's comment. Plus, well, they weren't working outside the home, so they had the time to keep house.

kmorales4 said...

Why? You ask. Well baby the answer is simple. It's because it's on a script. We don't have one of those in the real world plus we can't cut our filming when the baby cries, gets sick, or needs mommy's attention. You can't cut filming when the daddy doesn't show up because he's out selling your stuff (and the baby's) to get high. And you can't cut filming when all of a sudden you're short a baby-sitter on the very moment you were already late for work. Life is not easy. TV makes it look simple and breezy because let's face it, we got enough shit to deal with to add more stress by portraying it on TV.