Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sexually Transmitted Diseases!!!!!! Are you Aware?

When you begin a relationship BEFORE it becomes sexual then you need to discuss your sexual history, what forms of birth control you will be using, and the last time you have taken STD tests get as much information as you can.

Now when discussing your sexual history it is required that you give ALL information, and this knowledge does include whether or not you have been with someone of the same gender. It is not ok to lie to your partner, it's not ok to omit information. To me this is just another form of lying. Yes everyone has a right to choose what gender they prefer to be with, but the person you are with also has a right to know this information.

Currently, we have a new trend of the DL brother. This is wrong on so many levels. This is a man who has a wife and in so cases children, but he also sleeps with men. In some cases this man will not use protection, because he doesn't want to get caught. Now I don't agree with cheating on a person especially a wife/husband, because you have made a commitment to each other, but the DL man has taken that to a whole new level of deception. They are not just cheating it's like they are using there spouse as a cloak for they homosexuality. In doing so they are putting there significant other and any children they may have at risk by not using protection.

In discussing what forms of protection to use it's not just birth you are trying to prevent ladies and gentlemen. That is a factor, but not the most important. Women I know for myself that most men don't like to use condoms, but you can not use this as an excuse not to protect yourself. There are condoms for women as well. Women did you know that a man can't have sex with you without a condom unless you let them. It's true I promise. Let him know upfront that YOU are the most important person to you. You (male or female) need to protect yourself that is the only way we will stop the spread of STD's.

Now for those of you in a committed relationship maybe heading towards marriage who only have ONE sexual partner what you need to do is get re-tested. Yes I wrote re-tested because before you had sex with this person you should have already been tested. So this is just to make sure that nothing had been sitting dormant when you tested before and everything is a ok for you to just use either birth control or if trying to have a baby no birth control.

I am trying to help spread the word and just talking about things that have been weighing on my mind. Also trying to get my birds and bees conversation ready for my daughter yeah I have like 25 years before she will be even allowed to date but hey why not get started early. She is 8months old I gotta start sometime and I like being prepared.

For more information on this topic go to they have answers from doctors 24/7.

My question do you think that you have to advise your current partner if you have had sexual partners of the same gender? Why or Why not?


Weekends Off said...

I can't imagine getting close enough to have sex with a person and not being close enough to share vital details, like bi-sexuality.

I can tell you this, he knows the facts that he needs to know, minus all details and number count and also the fact that I have not used any drugs involving needles- another hidden risk area folks might not think of right off the top. He knows I've had sex and I've had more than one other partner. We tested together. I'm not sure anyone needs to know more than that.

kmorales4 said...

I belive that if your partner asks you about your past sexual relationships you should tell him w/o leaving out any details. Now if he doesn't ask, even though you've asked him, don't say anything because obviously he doesn't care or doesn't want to know. Just make sure that an STD test is part of both of your routine checkup.

Barney said...

The military has the belief of dont ask dont tell...
However.. I believe in relationships thats wrong.

If your gonna have sex, they yes, you should discuss up front your beliefs...concerns.. thoughts...out look..
And always use protection!!! No if's and/or buts about it!!

Unless your in a long term relationship and you have EVERY reason to have trust in your partner... sadly tho...that trust can be broken and ripped away and then you find out he/she has been with someone else and then brings home whatever to you..

Then what?

A dear friend of mine was married, kids, home the whole pretty picture.. Her husband goes to the Dr, finds out he's got an STD, runs home sleeps w/his wife, then leaves her 2 months later blaming HER for infedility... is THAT fair?

It's an age old question.. a catch 22... honesty is the best policy prior to marriage.. but what about after marriage?

Carmel Beauty said...

Ohmygod I can't believe he did that I haven't touched on marriage the way I want to yet in a post but I have touched on relationships my thoughts and requested others as to what they feel is necessary for a relationship but what that cold hearted bastard did to your friend Barney should be punishable by a prison sentence that is just trifling

weekends off yeah my baby don't know the # just details no names well just one cause we were dating when we meet but none of the others and never will it is a closly guarded secert but everything else I told prior and made him tell me too

km I understand cause I wouldn't tell if he didn't ask but I am just not sure If I could do the do If I asked and he didn't tell makes me think he has secerts