Monday, June 18, 2007


Last night my best friend asked me if I feel that my fiancee is my soul mate. We were talking about our current relationships. My question to her was what makes a person your soulmate she stated you just know. It got me to thinking about that theory just like when you ask someone what is love and how do you know if you love a certain person the reply usually is you just know. I feel that there has to be a way to tell. I know there is not certain criteria to look for but there has to be more than just a feeling. I don't think love should be reduced to a quiz or picking the petals off of a flower (he loves me, he loves me not), I just think that there are signs of things that everyone should look for. Especially before making that plunge into forever with someone.

For instance I will just touch on one subject that is the most important to me. RESPECT Arthea Franklin said it best. Without respect how can you make a relationship work. I mean if you man/woman treats you badly as just a boyfriend/girlfriend how do you think it will work if you are married to this person. In a relationship both parties need to take the other person's feeling into consideration. You both need to communicate to each other what you need because the other person is not just going to know how you feel.

Respect is not the only ingredient necessary for a healthy relationship what else do you feel is necessary?

Looking for others thoughts,

Carmel Beauty

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Drea said...

trust, loyalty, love and compatiabilityy
but deff trust.

i dont think that love is the big of factor. i mean you gotta be in love but, it takes more than love to make a relationship work