Monday, June 25, 2007

An interuption to your reguarly scheduled program

I know that I promised to do part Part IV to Mike and Kyra story, but blame it on the soon to be husband I just haven't had time but tonight I will work on the story and post it tomorrow.

So since I don't have that I am going to ask another poll question something that I have been thinking about for a while and wanted to get every one's opinion on. Adoption? Now I am all for adoption or foster care what I am against is people adopting from another country who live right here is the good old US of A. I mean we have thousands of children right here who need homes why do you have to go to another country to adopt. I have nothing against the other children either truly I don't. I just feel that in order for our country to improve we need to begin at home. Our country is always trying to help others yes this is a good thing in a way. I say in a way because I can't help you if I can't even help myself. So yes I am all for adoption hope to be able to do that some day in the future, but please seek out the thousands of children that need a home and love right here.

People tell me how you feel concerning adoption do you have other concerns do you agree or disagree with me give me your view?

Wondering do I adopt from USA or a Third World country,

Carmel Beauty


Anonymous said...

a lot of people adopt from third world countries because it's easier to get a new born or much younger child. the people are more willing to give up their baby to give them a better home. many people looking to adopt don't want a 6 year old or a 10 year old.

i personally agree that we should adopt here first, i mean..angie and brad can adopt all the third world babies they want.

Anonymous said...

that came out wrong, i meant they could adopt ALL of the the needy third world babies.

Miz JJ said...

I liked what Queen Latifah said about how she wants to adopt a child from the US. I agree with that sentiment. Help your own. In such a rich country it is a travesty the say some people, especially the innocent, the children, live.

kmorales4 said...

I completely agree with you. However if you look up your options, our dear US of A makes it very difficult to adopt a child within the country. The legal procedures are by far more complicated and extensive as compared to other countries. I've been looking into adoption for a future possibility and I found that not only it's simpler to adopt a child from outside the US, it is also less expensive. Now I haven't done some research in a while and the fact that I'm from Puerto Rico might alter your search results, but look it up and you'll see why so many people opt for foreign children adoption. Plus an internet search alone will show you many more alternatives in foreign child adoption. In the future I’d love to adopt a child within Puerto Rico but if our legal procedures keep making it so difficult to do so, I’ll adopt elsewhere. Now I already have children of my own, so imagine those out there that have tried desperately to conceive a child with no luck. I bet they’ll do the same if it gets them their child sooner and with no further ado.

Weekends Off said...

Kmorales pretty much summed up my thoughts on this as well. I'm all for helping those in our own country 1st- but when you factor in all of the red tape and politics and money involved I can't blame those who choose easier alternatives.

It's a shame, there are a lot of people willing to and wanting to parent and they don't stand a chance because they don't have the extra thousands of dollars needed to adopt. I would think if kids needed homes badly enough the government should work it out so you don't have to buy them. Ok you know what I mean..