Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mike & Kyra Part III

Okay I am going to try again.

Mike & Kyra Part III
I fell a little bit better about my plan. Jackson has a way of making me feel more confident. He has been a my PNC for a while. Our mothers were best friends so we go back like babies and pacifiers. I haven't seen him for a while since being with Mike we have fallen out of touch. I knew he would be the best person to call when all this drama with Mike started. He is the only person I can trust since my mama died.
I still love Mike and I probably always will but I will never be able to trust him like I once could. He is the love of my life. Mike has treated me better than any boyfriend that I have ever had until the violence started. I don't understand where it came from it was out of nowhere. I know that things between us at that time weren't good I mean he had just lost his job, a job that he loved. He was trying to help me, and I know he blames me for the loss shit I do too. When I got pregnant it was just plain old bad timing. I know how much he wanted that baby. I wanted nothing more than to be the one to give him a child, but I still had to worry about the police knocking on my door. It wasn't the time on top of that he didn't just lose his job they was trying to charge him with the removal of the evidence, if they could have found proof that he had removed the evidence from the PD he would have locked up faster than you can say jail. I didn't want to have a baby while in jail with both of it's parents locked up it would have been wrong. With the way things turned out maybe I should have just kept the baby, I just wasn't sure it was going to work out this well.
The last piece of the puzzle though is where is all of his money coming from. He was only a Police Officer they don't make that much money. How is he able to afford that 5 bedroom two car garage home, the big body Benz sitting on dubs, or the nice clothes that he wears. Losing his job hasn't set him back at all. I still need to investigate. I have already set my plan in motion, but in order to make sure everything goes off without a hitch I have to have all the facts. Kyra then pulls into to her parking space at work. I guess I better get out the car and start my 9-5 before I lose my job. Unlike Mike I have to work to make a living.
Mike pulls up to a big warehouse parks and enters the building going straight to the big office in the back. "Hey B, is everything in place?" Mike says as he sits down in the chair in front of the desk. "I don't need any fuck ups. I still love this girl and I don't want her hurt." leaning forward in the chair Mike looks the man behind the desk in the eye. "Everything is all set just like you wanted it. I don't understand though after all this girl is doing planning to 187 your ass and everything you still don't want to kill her. Shit, pussy is pussy buy you some more big money bags why is this pussy so important to you." B says this while pulling a cigar out of a special compartment on the side of his desk and lighting it. "We got history man, and lately I have been doing her wrong I just need to end all this so that we can take some us time and get back to where we used to be. " seeming like he is agitated Mike stands up and goes to look out the window. Looking up in the sky he sees all the good times he and Kyra have had and it makes he that much more determined to make it work with her. "Since everything is in place I got to go, I have another stop to make I want to be there when Kyra gets off work." Mike turns around and walks out the door. "I'll Holla at you when I am I have a definite time as to when the shit is going down B?"
Leaving the warehouse Mike gets into his car and goes to a flower shop near his house. He picks up 3 dozen red roses and a vase big enough to place them in once he gets home. Driving down the road towards the drug store he calls Kyra's favorite restaurant and orders two of orders of her favorite meal. He picks up 2 home pregnancy tests, and a card while in the drug store. Finally his last stop is to pick up the take out order he requested. During his drive home he begins thinking of all the ways he can make there relationship like it used to be.
I know Kyra doesn't trust me anymore we have hurt each other to much, but when can build our relationship back up to where it used to be if we work together. I just have to prove to her that we have a reason to. She hasn't been taking the birth control pills for three months and this month she finally started to show symptoms. I just hope I am right she will know after she takes the test that we have to stay together. She will be made after I tell her I replaced her birth control pills with placebos, but after I tell her how much I love her she will understand I only did this for us. If not then I guess I will have to go through with Plan B I don't want to she is the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, but if push comes to shove I will do what I have to do.
Hoping this is better,
Carmel Beauty
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Drea said...

im like really excited
i hate cliffhangers
the pain

kmorales4 said...

Good flow in your story. I like it.

Barney said...

good story flow..
but try to break it up..
put the conversations as single lines..
the the inner thoughts as paragraphs..

it will make it eaier to read!!

Carmel Beauty said...

barney I tried 3times to break everything up and everytime it posted this way so I just gave up hopefully next time I post it will do it the way it's suppose to