Thursday, June 14, 2007


Good Morning All,

We have readers it feels great to be read I spent all of yesterday advertising on all the sites that I read everyday so thank you for all the comments and for reading our blog. In response to Tranquil's post yesterday about marriage I tend to agree with the comments. People these days do not understand and value the words "till death due us part". Now I understand leaving a marriage where your spouse is verbally or physically abusive. I just think that more and more marriages today are over before they have had a chance to really begin. I would love to hear some comments from the men on this issue as well if we have any male readers.

Okay today's topic is love and support. I first want to send mad love to one of my favorite writers and my inspiration to begin writing. Sylvia Hubbard please take a virtual bow. I have read just about everything of hers that I can get my hands on. She is a GREAT writer and I just fell in love with her style of writing from the first paragraph that I read of Sin's Iniquity. I am an avid reader so from time to I will be discussing books that I am currently reading. Anyway please visit her blog and read the book she is currently writing live for us it is a fantastic read and you may get just a little peeved at her because you will soon find out why her readers have dubbed her Queen of the Cliffhangers. LOL

Anywho I want to talk about a different kind of support. I believe that we need to start supporting the other people in our community from young to old. My grandmother and great-grandmother tell me all the time about how times were different back in the day. When a child acted out it wasn't just there mother and father they had to worry about it was any adult in the community that saw them doing wrong that would snatch that ass back in line. Our children today are not taught to show adults respect or to respect authority. We are losing them everyday to violence. Something needs to be done and the solution is start at home. Not just your home as in the physical address that you live at, but the broader picture. Look at your community, your family, and your church home. In order to make sure that our children have a brighter future we have to help them to be on the right path. Now for those you that don't have children you could always help by mentoring a child. Show them the right direction, because you could make a difference as to whether or not said child will become a CEO of a major corporation or the head of the next gang in your area. It's time that we as a people looked to ourselves to make a change because nobody is going to do it for us.

One more thing cause I know this is a long post. I also feel like we need to take better care of our elders they have been here through a lot and need someone to look after them properly. Now my great-grandmother is living she is 85 years old with 12 children and most of them take turns looking out for her, but the other people in her nursing home are not so lucky.

Thought for today:
When you were younger was there a person the helped to guide you on the right path and are you giving that back and if not do you think you should?
Also think about it when you are that old and can barely take care of yourselves don't you want someone to look after you?

Giving Back and Urging others to do so as well,

Carmel Beauty


Sylvia Hubbard said...

i wasn'tonline all yesterday until like midnight.

thanks for the kudos.

I would say it was my dad's girlfriend that cared a lot about what happened to me for the future.

She really made sure i understood things that no one had take nthe time to teach me.

And I do pay it forward.

We all should!

Weekends Off said...

I was blessed to have wonderful grandparents in my life who took charge of raising me most of my life. I was taught to respect and care about my elders from the jump. We are fortunate to still have my grandmother- at just over 100 years old she is more amazing than ever. She's the picture of health, still living in her own home- not on medication for anything- just living like always. ..we are very lucky to have her and even luckier to still be enjoying her pies!

Pay it forward is a great motto. A hand that gives is also open to receive.