Friday, June 22, 2007


Currently I work for a temp agency. I am an assistant to the office manager. Last Friday she put in her resignation so her last day will be on this coming Thursday. With Tranquil gone I have had A LOT more work to do because since she is leaving she has decided to do less work than normal. Then yesterday her boss came to me and asked if I could take over her position after she leaves till he is able to hire a permanent person for her position. So I will have lots, lots and losts more work to do than normal. I am going to still kept up with my posting though I promise it is my only form of release. I will not be like Tranquil who hasn't posted in forever.

I will post more on Mike and Kyra on Monday.

Gotta Go so much work so little time,

Carmel Beauty


Carmel Beauty said...

Hello All,

Miz JJ said...

Sounds like a good work opportunity.

Weekends Off said...

Hey girl I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner than this! Anyways I think you had asked how to install a stats counter for the blog to see who comes and stuff and I found out how it was done on mine.

It's easy, sign up at and it will walk you through all the steps. It was easier than I thought.

Anyways thanks for the well wishes, I am feeling better today. I'll be back on my break to catch up and comment on your posts!

Carmel Beauty said...

I hope it does turn into a great opportunity that is why i have been trying to show off my best side

Weekends Off said...

Wow you know he might be trying to see if you fit the position... Good luck girl I hope he keeps you on if you end up enjoying the work!